Jewelry is one of the most personal things for women and men. Living in a fast-fashion world, where fashion trends come and go within months, finding a piece of jewelry that expresses your style like no other is difficult. 

As Yves Saint Laurent says, “Fashions fade, style is eternal,” finding your unique style and voice when it comes to jewelry can not only enhance your looks but can also make you feel extremely confident.  Stocking some timeless pieces of jewelry is not only a good investment considering it defies fast fashion trends but it also is an extremely convenient solution to times when you don’t have jewelry that matches your dress. 

That being said, here are seven unique pieces of jewelry that are truly timeless and can help you seek your unique style and impeccable taste.

  1. Personalized Pendants

A personalized pendant with initials or personal symbolism of your loved ones signifies the love and care you hold for that person. Having a customized pendant and matching it with a silver or gold chain gives you an elegant and sophisticated look. Personalized pendants with someone’s name or the date of when two lovers first met is a great gift as it is a reminder of happy memories. Fashion and the jewelry you wear have a way of telling your stories for you, and personalized pendants share the happy yet sentimental ones.  

  1. Ear Clips

Ear clips are earrings with clip fasteners. Ear clips let you grace your ears from top to bottom with minimum piercings. These accessories come in many different styles, from ear-length full clips to more subtle ear clips that sit on top of the ear. No matter what its kind of ear clip is, they always create a stylish impact. LYR design has an exclusive medieval jewelry collection that includes Viking-type ear clips. These pieces of earrings are famous for creating beautiful and bold fashion statements.

  1. Bohemian Jewelry set

Bohemian jewelry symbolizes a connection to nature. Its vintage appearance gives a timeless and unique appearance to all the accessories. Initially created to epitomize the feeling of collectiveness, bohemian jewelry is made of multiple gemstones. 

The beauty of this kind of jewelry is that each gemstone has a different meaning and history behind it. With the increase in cultural inclusivity in Hollywood, bohemian jewelry has gained a lot of attention. The calm appearance of Bohemian Jewelry makes it more beautiful when worn with cotton skirts and plain sundresses. 

  1. Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings are a simple sparkle of grace on your ears that look good on everything. They are the best jewelry for daily wear and are incredibly suitable while swimming or even at the gym. From a white tee and jeans to a white wedding gown, stud earrings look great on every outfit. (Don’t Believe me, look at Megan Markle).  One of the main reasons studs can never go out of trend is because of the variety of gems used to make it. They are made up of gemstones, from diamonds to pearls; they are truly pieces of timeless jewelry.

  1. Bangle Bracelets

If there is a kind of jewelry famous among men and women of the entire world from Viking civilization to Mohenjo-Daro civilization and even further back. In that case, it has to be bangle bracelets. Bangle Bracelets are often gifted at Christenings, naming ceremonies, and weddings because of the emotional value they can add to a jewelry set. From charm bracelets to gemstone bracelets, this piece of jewelry can look good on not only an evening gown but also on a breezy sundress.

  1. Vintage Rustic bracelets and Necklaces

Vintage rustic jewelry is an excellent accessory during vacations. Whether you are going to a beach or a mountain, Vintage rustic Jewelry has a way of making you feel connected to nature and your surroundings. Rustic jewelry is often handcrafted and requires a specific kind of elegance and artistic skill to make it. Such pieces of jewelry made by designers are a way to accessorize a person and preserve the ethnic value of culture and tradition. 

  1. Anything Pearls

Pearls are one the most precious jewels around the world that are symbols of wealth and perfection. In the medieval age, pearls could only be worn by royalty and people of high nobility. Pearls have played an important part in fashion history. Even though the industry of pearls has evolved and expanded, they are still seen as classic and heavenly. When accessorized with antique jewelry pieces, pearls have a way of creating a unique, confident look which makes it truly a timeless piece of jewelry.