Summer is right around the corner, and many of us are planning our getaways for the season. It can be stressful pinning down where we want to go and when, but figuring out what to pack can be even more stressful. We can be aware of the climate of where we’re headed, but you want to make sure you’re prepared for all types of weather and activities. While you may have already found the perfect leather travel bag for your trip, you could still be figuring out what it should be filled with. Let’s look at your wardrobe must-haves for this summer’s vacation. 

Your Favorite LBD 

Your favorite little black dress is one must-pack item, better known as its acronym LBD. The little black dress can be worn for any event, whether casual or upscale. Especially if you’re trying to pack like a minimalist, having an LBD in your luggage is essential because you can get multiple uses out of it.

Easy, Breezy Tops 

Since it’s summer, it’s likely to warm where you live and will be even warmer wherever you’re headed. Make sure you pack several of your favorite trendy plus size shirts that can be mixed and matched with the bottoms you bring along. The key to vacation shirts is that they’re breezy and comfortable. You want to choose breathable fabrics that don’t leave you overheated and sweating when it comes time to take those vacation selfies! 

Several Shoe Styles 

One of the most exciting things about vacation is that you know to expect the unexpected. Even the most Type A people who plan out all the excursions they want to go on will find themselves in surprise situations. You want to, of course, have a light sandal and a pair of sneakers – but it could be worth it even to pack hiking boots in case an impromptu hike ends up on the day’s list of events. Luck favors the prepared, so even though shoes take up room in your suitcase, it’s worth having what you need. 

Spicy Intimates 

If you’re headed on a romantic getaway with your significant other, don’t forget to pack some lingerie! Even if you have the healthiest of relationships in “that department,” it’s never a bad idea to spice things up even more. After all, vacations are all about making memories, so why not make some romantic memories inspired by clothing that makes you feel confident and sexy. Physical intimacy is one of the essential cornerstones of every healthy relationship, so look at it as growing as a couple – or even growing your family if that’s in your plans!

Accessories For Everything 

Accessories like jewelry, belts, and handbags can take an outfit in several directions. If you’re the type of girl that spends an hour in front of the mirror every day choosing the perfect outfit, packing the right accessories can be a lifesaver. They can save you from decision fatigue and even perk up your mood if you’re feeling jet lagged. And, never underestimate the power of a scarf – they can be used as headwraps, bandeaus, and even belts. So, make sure you throw your favorite scarf in your suitcase before leaving!

Oversized Sunglasses 

If you’re like many people, you indulge during vacation a little more than you would during the workweek or even a weekend in your hometown. You want to make sure you pack a pair of oversized sunglasses to hide your hangover the following day. Even if you’re sober and don’t partake, the sunglasses are necessary since you’re likely headed to a sunny, exotic location. If you haven’t already splurged on the pair of designer sunglasses you’ve been coveting on your beach and shopping vacation – they are an investment worth making.

Jean Shorts 

Saving the best for last – there’s nothing more iconic than a pair of jean shorts – and they can be dressed in many ways. They look great with a plain tank or t-shirt and a sweater. Jean shorts are one of the most versatile items of clothing in anyone’s wardrobe, and for that reason, they are the ultimate must-have for vacation packing.

Vacations are great for your mental and physical health – not to mention they’re just downright fun! Hopefully, you’ve got at least one or two vacations planned this year; you work hard and deserve it. So, let the last thing you worry about be what to wear on your trip by using the items mentioned above. Happy trails!