In 2022 many methods and tools that were efficient in terms of Instagram promotion previously have come to past and stopped being lucrative: now people who are willing to start developing their resource here have to gain some knowledge beforehand and turn to help from professionals and third party websites that can give them a boost and an advantage over other bloggers out there. 

In this text we have gathered 7 efficient promotional methods for development of your Instagram profile in 2022 and have placed them in a rating from the ones with an average efficiency to the highly effective ones. We have to mention though that those methods are not for everyone: some of them are suitable for beginners only, some of them are time and energy consuming, and some should be taken in a specific order. We are going to note all of that in the rating, but if you don’t have time or willingness to figure all of that out, spend time choosing a package to buy Instagram followers and picking the bloggers to collaborate with – you can always delegate that process to a professional SMM-specialist. However, this is going to cost you more money and you will have less control over the whole process. 

7. Commenting. This one is suitable not only for beginners, but also for people who are struggling on their way towards a bigger and more popular account. This method includes leaving comments under the popular and controversial posts of popular bloggers in your niche. But you have to keep in mind several important nuances: first of all, you have to take care of your main picture and your username – should be as “saying” and catchy as possible, so that people would clearly see who you are and what you’re doing on this platform. Plus, you should never try to discredit a blogger whose audience you’re going to try to make yours as well: be polite, friendly and willing to share opinions. 

This method can help you gain a couple dozens subs, but not more than that. However, at some times this is enough to give your profile a new spin of growth. 

6. Activity chats. Highly efficient for novices, not that efficient for people who have already gained their specific audience. If you’re totally new to IG and have no subs and no opportunities to share the audience with somebody who can help you, you can join activity chats on Telegram and What’s App where beginner content creators gather to give each other a hand of help. They share links of the posts that need support and give each other thumbs up and comments for them. As we have said, this is great for newcomers – because they are getting the much needed support and also form the “professional” bonds with people who might be their mutual PR partners in the future. 

Don’t overuse this method, try it out to get your first several dozen subs and then quit. The audience that you’re going to get using it is non-specific and non-permanent, so you should use the created illusion of a successful account to move forward. Keep in mind that the effect is temporary. 

5. Cross posting. Great for anyone who had a chance to gather a somewhat mediocre or big audience on other social media platforms. This one is suitable for TikTokers, Youtubers, Facebook enthusiasts – if you have people who support you there, you have a chance to bribe them for following you on a new platform. Find the right motivation and maybe hold a giveaway of presents or discount codes (if you’re trying to promote and sell something material or informationally valuable) – this is going to build up your reputation and strengthen the bond between you and your audience. 

4. Free PR from the same “size” bloggers. This one is suitable for everybody: the only condition that should be met is that these bloggers have to be from your field and have to have the same number of subscribers as you do. Such PR is going to be completely free for you, but you will be able tangibly grow your audience by dint of conjoining yours and other bloggers’ audiences. Most of the time such people are too busy or too shy to reach out and ask for collabs, but you shouldn’t take that as a correct behavior pattern – reach out to several bloggers in your niche with an offer to collaborate and PR each other. This is going to be totally worth it, trust us on this one. 

3. A possibility to buy real Instagram followers. If you see that you have difficulties with gaining subscribers by now (no matter if you’re new to Instagram or if you’re an advanced blogger) you can always solve the problem by purchasing some subscribers. This is a golden promotional tool that sometimes becomes a total game changer for people who have been facing some obstacles; by using this opportunity you can not only increase the number of your subs and change the situation on your profile, you can easily show positive impact on your page’s statistics as well – but only in case if you’re obtaining real subs. 

What are real subscribers and what is their difference from the fake ones? 

Real followers for Instagram are the ones that are real people coming to your page and becoming your readers. They have actual functioning profiles that are filled with photos, have subscriptions and their own subscribers. In general – just people who are willing to collaborate with promotional websites for a nice reward for their work. This pattern of work is common for companies that show high quality services and give warranties for the efficiency of their subs’ packs. 

Fake followers (or inactive ones, or “dead” pages) are provided by bots that are being created by indecent companies that try to create a visibility of efficient services whilst giving their clients packs with subs that can harm their profiles. They usually don’t have that information noted on their website, but they don’t have the info about a decent delivery method as well. So make sure to talk to the company’s manager before buying something from them and look up reviews from the previous buyers. 

2. Setting a targeted ad. This one takes second place in our rating, because it brings lots of specific, permanent or semi-permanent audiences that are definitely going to support your content and buy from you, because they were interested in it long before finding your account. Instagram uses the data that it gathers about each user to provide decent circulation of the ads: it shows the clips to people who are going to be interested in them according to their previous searches on the platform and to their subscriptions. This is why targeted ads might cost a lot (if you set “big” audience reach settings) but at the same time is one of the most efficient promotional methods. 

1. Influence marketing through big bloggers in your niche. This one is suitable for everyone and takes the first place in efficiency, as it brings a highly specific and highly interested audience that is going to get a recommendation about you from the other person whom they already trust. This helps to build the best bond between you and your new subscribers, because they already come to you with a prejudice that your content is good and loved by a person whom they have been following for a long time now. Surely, the price of such an ad is going to broadly vary, but the game is definitely worth the candles. So make sure to pick the bloggers from your field and cooperate with several (or one) ones of them all at the same time; prepare new content in advance and be ready to put it forward regularly as the ad goes on. Be online to communicate with the new audience and give them a guide through your profile if they need one. 

Summing up

Now you have a full guide to efficient promotion on your hands: if you’d combine several or all of the methods while developing your page, you will be able to see astonishing results in the shortest time. Yes, all of that is hard daily work that should be done by you (or by somebody whom you’re going to delegate it to), but it is definitely worth the fuss – in the end you’re going to get a decent channel for communication, interaction and cooperation with your audience and other brands (if you need it), you will be able to easily and quickly announce new things in your brand’s (or your own) life and sell the products and services effortlessly.