Does your closet feel outdated? It may be time to upgrade your clothing and accessories! Sometimes you need to swap out old pieces for new ones. You could also add something new. Let us show you our top style updates so you can pick what makes you feel chic and confident. From new reading glasses for women and men to stylish jewelry to round out your wardrobe, this list will help you find fashion inspiration and stay on-trend. 

  1. Try New Eyewear 

Most of us wear some form of eyewear like blue light glasses or reading glasses. Prescription eyeglasses are popular, as are progressive lenses. If you don’t wear eyeglasses to read or prevent eye strain, you probably have a pair of polarized sunglasses.

Whatever you wear, it’s common to keep the same specs for a while. A stylish and comfortable pair may stay in your wardrobe for years. No matter how many frames you have, wearing new and on-trend eyewear is an excellent way to update your style. You can shop online for eyeglasses to fit your eye care needs and personality. 

For those who wear reading glasses, a pair of round frames with a retro vibe will keep you looking stylish at work or play. Or breathe new life into your closet with a pair of cat eye glasses or geometric-shaped frames. Some of the season’s hottest sunglasses styles include aviator sunglasses and soft square polarized sunglasses in gradients and iridescent colors. 

Quality acetate frames are affordable, so update your style with unique shapes and colors. Lightweight frames make it easy to add eyeglasses to every outfit. Once you have your eyewear, complete your on-trend look with a tailored jacket or beaded handbag. 

  1. Choose a Signature Color 

Transform your style with a fresh pop of color! A new signature shade accents your wardrobe essentials and highlights classic neutrals like tan blazers and white t-shirts. How do you pick a color to add to your closet? Choose a hue that intrigues you or highlights your skin tone or eye color. 

Gold and rose-pink flatter warm skin tones, so shop for a gold chain necklace or find pink-colored eyeglasses frames to match your tops and jackets. Men and women with cool skin tones will love experimenting with blue and royal purple sunglasses. 

Do you have brown or blue eyes? Get a pair of tortoiseshell eyeglasses. Green eyes look great with gold eyewear, while brunette hair matches well with cobalt blue blazers and red jackets. Add pink or purple hair accessories to blonde hair. Black hair looks beautiful when accented with bronze or rose gold earrings or hairpins. 

When you’re unsure about a color, try it on! Visit a store dressing room or use a virtual try-on tool. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a few signature colors when you can’t decide! Having a set of vibrant or calming shades in your rotation will help to make every outfit exciting. 

  1. Add Prints and Patterns 

Prints add style and dimension to your collection, so update your look with a few fierce pieces featuring unique patterns. Our favorite options include plaid jackets and floral blazers for looking chic and keeping warm. Animal-inspired prints are among this season’s favorites, so shop around to discover zebra print pants and leopard purses. 

You’ll even find animal prints in eyewear! Safari patterns and lynx prints add adventure to readers and blue light glasses, but we also love the chic and dynamic appearance of Tokyo tortoise and Chai tortoise frames. Quartz frames in blue or purple have a flair for the dramatic but match everything. Green and black marble will elevate a work suit or little black dress. 

  1. Shop What’s On-Trend 

A simple way to update your look is to shop what’s on-trend. Browse the season’s top styles or search your favorite sites for their newest clothes and accessories. Magazines and couture clothing brands can offer inspiration, but you can’t go wrong when you search for seasonal selections from your favorite companies. 

Are you looking to revamp your style and save time? Shop for handbags and shoes. These accessories feature interesting textures and colors to breathe life into your outfits. More trend-worthy choices include reading glasses and polarized sunglasses, which always get seasonal updates. 

  1. Swap Out Old Pieces 

If you bought into old trends in the past, it might be time to switch out these pieces for something more in fashion. For example, donate old jeans or jackets to make room for fresher-looking bottoms and outerwear. When tees and undershirts look worn or faded, replace them with newer, more vibrant versions. 

Is there clothing or jewelry that doesn’t match your current style? Change things up with modern colors or prints. Sometimes, your accessories won’t fit your lifestyle. For example, you may need to replace your no-correction eyeglasses with a pair of readers. 

If you find out you need reading glasses, your new pair of eyewear can be just as comfortable and stylish. Nowadays, you’ll discover the same bold frame shapes in cheaters and blue light specs as you do with the most flattering prescription frames and polarized sunglasses. Try on a few lightweight pairs and see for yourself! 

  1. Consult with a Stylist 

There are some occasions when you feel like calling in a professional. Perhaps you’re getting ready for a summer vacation or want to revamp your office wardrobe. A stylist can help you choose the pieces to flatter you and boost your confidence. 

Some style pros are available face-to-face, while others do virtual consultations. You may even be able to book a free session on your favorite website. Some clothing and accessories brands offer stylist consults before buying a signature piece. If you’re searching for a simple and affordable option, you can always take advantage of virtual try-on tools. 

Create a New, Inspired Look 

Revamping your style is easy when you choose inspired colors and patterns. New accessories and fresh clothing pieces will help create a new look for each season. With a few subtle and smart changes, you’ll look stylish and fresh no matter where you go.  Enjoy the chic simplicity of a well-styled ensemble.