Did you know that 96% of all the influencer marketing campaigns involve Instagram to achieve their business goals? With most businesses expanding online after the pandemic, influencer marketing has become one of the most sought-after career choices. If you are an influencer or planning to become one, then you ought to know what the future holds for you and the best way to gain knowledge about it is by looking at the demographics and other related statistics. So read on to learn more as we shed some light on some of the recent statistics related to Instagram and influencer marketing.

  1. Time spent on the app

After engaging over 1.074 billion users across the globe in 2021, Instagram has become one of the most used social media apps, second only to Facebook. It won’t be wrong to say that this photo-sharing platform has become a favourite across generations with over 67% of Gen Z users, 57% of millennials, 38% of Gen X and 21% of Baby Boomers becoming part of the active Instagram community. The fact that an average user spends approximately half an hour scrolling through an Instagram feed every day, is a good reason for influencers to engage and promote their content among the masses. This can not only help them showcase their talent and thoughts to a larger audience without spending their hard-earned money on advertising and promotional campaigns.

  1. Brands love influencers 

While you may love influencing simply for the sake of it, there comes a point when you reach a decent following and want to monetize your account. Instagram has proven to be one of the best platforms for influencer marketing as it allows you to do so in multiple formats without limiting your creativity. Current trends show that nearly 3 quarter of marketers plan on investing in influencer marketing to promote their brands or business as it not only provides genuine and organic growth but also allows them to connect with their customers at a deeper level. So be authentic and make sure you have a high engagement rate. You can even buy Instagram followers to grab some amazing brand deals, sponsorships and collaborations without breaking a sweat!

  1. People pay heed to influencers before shopping

The sole reason why brands and businesses are eager to invest in influencer marketing to increase their sales is that people actually pay heed to influencers (approximately 37% of users interact with influencers on Instagram, second only to YouTube). Instagram has become an appropriate platform for brands and small businesses to promote their services and products but they still need the help of influencers who have high engagement rates to vouch for them. People tend to actively follow influencers focusing solely on lifestyle, food, fitness, technology, travel or finance to keep themselves updated and get insights, useful hacks, and valuable tips before planning their investments in these fields. With over 70% of users actively exploring this app to buy new products, Instagram can prove to be a blessing for creative influencers hoping to make it big in today’s times! 

  1. Most used format for influencer marketing

If you’ve recently started getting collaboration offers and brand deals then you might have a tough time deciding which format to use to ensure high engagement and maximum impressions in a short duration of time. You’d be glad to know that nearly 78% of marketers prefer simple Instagram posts as the best choice for advertising purposes as they are easy to create and approve before publishing, especially when time is of the essence. Most influencers tend to post photos as they take less time and effort to create and it is a more affordable option for small businesses looking to increase sales through influencer marketing for the first time. Instagram stories are the second most popular format for influencer marketing as it helps direct traffic to stores, sites or desired posts in an easy and authentic manner. 

  1. The most used hashtag

With so many creators and influencers promoting products and brands every single day, using the right hashtag can help you promote your posts easily. Having a look at the recent trends and usage, the hashtag used by most influencers while promoting products is #ad. Its usage grew by a whopping 133% from 2018 to 2019 itself and approximately 25,000 Instagram accounts have used this hashtag in the first quarter of 2019 and its usage has only been growing since then as it generates the highest average engagement a properly disclosed sponsored post tends to get more likes and comments. So make sure you find out the other trending or branded hashtags relevant to your niche and use them wisely in your captions, bio, stories, and comments for generating maximum impressions and reaching out to a wider audience.

  1. Leading topics for branded partnerships on Instagram

Around 90% of marketers believe that Instagram is the best social media platform for influencer marketing but before you start looking for businesses or brands for partnership, you should study your audience and know where their interest lies. Here’s something that will help you with it. The most popular sector on Instagram is Fashion with 25% of all sponsored posts centered around it. Then comes food with just 12% of sponsored posts, entertainment with 11%, and baby products with 10%. On the other end, the topics with the lowest sponsored posts are automotive, decor, and baby products that have about 2%, 2%, and 1% of the sponsored posts respectively. 

If you are new to the world of influencer marketing or have recently realized the value of metrics while deciding your content strategy, then make sure you have these metrics handy for a better understanding of influencer marketing and its growth on Instagram in the times to come. If you have other valuable statistics at your disposal then feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.


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