Every guy that hits the nightlife scene knows how important it is to look as fly as possible just to get past the bouncer. Whether you’re going to an all-white party or tiki-themed bash, it’s the little details that make a party outfit truly stand out. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of wearing the same go-to party shirts for men paired with the usual chinos and oxfords. 

If you’re looking to switch up your going-out looks, a great place to start is by doing something different with your mens going out shirts. You don’t necessarily need to invest in an entirely new wardrobe just to achieve a unique look. Here are five ways you can style your mens party shirts to stand out on your next guy’s night out.

  1. Swap the traditional tie for a different style.

Although you really can’t go wrong with a traditional tie, there are so many other tie styles out there that’ll instantly transform the most basic mens going out shirts. Instead of the classic neckties, you can try ascots or bow ties for a fun and playful pop usually found on trendy menswear stores like Differio. Ascot ties look more like scarves, so they can easily be manipulated into the way you prefer wearing them. You can even ditch the tie accessory all together and try a long statement necklace instead. 

  1. Layer your shirt with a statement vest or harness.

There’s nothing like a standout statement piece to complement your cool shirts for men. Layering your party shirt with a statement vest or harness will instantly give your shirt an edgier vibe. Among vests, you can ditch the plain formal vest for a leather biker vest or shiny padded vest. Harnesses are also a trendy shirt accessory that’s been seen on celebrities like Michael B Jordan and Timothee Chalamet. It’ll instantly elevate your party shirt with an ultra-sexy motif.

  1. Dress up the collar with accessories.

Most guys only focus on building up their tie game, but you can also dress up mens going out shirts with collar accessories. This style tip is best for giving plain, solid button downs a unique twist. If you’re unfamiliar with shirt-collar accessories, you can usually find them in the form of pins, bars or brooches. It’ll elevate your mens fashion shirts the same way men’s jewelry or watches would upgrade your outfit. 

  1. Mix and match patterns and prints.

There’s something about printed and patterned designer shirts for men that never loses its edge at parties. However, you can still keep your look different by pairing your shirt with a different pant styles. It’s common to pair patterned button-down shirts with neutral pants, but you can still pull off the look by mixing up the patterns. 

By going for the same pattern, it’ll create the illusion of a collared men’s jumpsuit that’s a surefire head-turner. On the other hand, if you’re mixing patterns, you can always try pairing floral shirts with a slightly more muted print, like geometric checks or boxed plaid.

  1. Play around with your shirt buttons.

If you’re down for some DIY-ing, then you’ll love this men’s style tip! You can actually revive your old mens going-out shirts by swapping out the old buttons for more fashion-forward buttons with pyramid studs or rhinestone embellishments. You can even mix up your shirt buttons with completely mismatched styles for a totally customized look. The best part about DIY-ing your buttons is you’ll always have a shirt that’s definitely different from anyone else at the party.