How to write a fashion blog and make sure that you do that properly? That is the question! Today, many writers try to make their way to fashion blogging because this is niche is interesting, profitable, and with a view to career growth. You can become an author of the blog that helps people track the latest trends, find out more about clothing labels, and form a healthy perception of their body. Your blog can be a source of useful information and a place where people increase their self-esteem. This sounds really inspiring!

However, let’s admit it – blogging is tedious work, while fashion blogging is even tougher. Fashion is a crowded sphere, where authors have to struggle for attention. The competition is high, but you have chances to create something extraordinary and engaging. Just take a smart and unique approach and prepare for a challenging path to follow. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips on how to start and write your blog.

Tip #1: Focus on a certain area/topic

Fashion is a pretty broad field that covers numerous areas related to clothes and accessories. It is important to start with defining the area you are going to focus on. Choose a specific theme (clothing genre) and audience (women, men, children, or teenagers). These decisions will help you come up with the writing style, name of your blog, design, and marketing approaches. Here are some examples:

  • Budget shopping: how to look stylish without spending too much money?
  • Vintage fashion
  • Unique accessories 
  • The latest design trends of the largest global brands
  • Themed and event-related clothing
  • Shopping tips
  • People who wear official clothes at work and want to look stylish
  • Fashion for women over 40-50
  • Mixing different styles
  • Do-it-yourself tips

Beginners are recommended to choose one or a couple of topics. Focus on the sphere that you are passionate about. You will expand the scope later if you will want to start blogging on other themes. 

Tip #2: Choose an eye-catching name 

Knowing your sphere of interest, you can choose the name for your blog. Don’t make it too long – 2-4 words are enough because they are easy to remember and spell. Write down a couple of ideas and read them aloud to choose the one that sounds good. You can add your name to the title, as well as some keywords. The most obvious keywords surely are “fashion” or “style,” but don’t overdo with them.  

Tip #3: Post valuable and credible content only

People want to get an expert opinion on a particular topic to form their own. When reading blogs, they usually search for news, solutions, and answers. Sometimes, aspiring college students get stuck with their papers and decide to get some writing help from professionals. They visit helpful resources and use samples to create their own works. Something similar happens when the visitors come to your blog. Being an author, you formulate ideas and shape people’s opinions, helping them to make decisions basing on your expert view. This means that you must be an expert!  

Are you wondering how to write better? Well, never publish stuff you have written in a couple of minutes. Find enough background information, use relevant sources, check them, and research the topic carefully. When writing a post, try to help people. 

Tip #4: Make your blog look great

Fashion is about beauty, style, and aesthetics, so your blog should look great! You may opt for one of the WordPress samples or purchase the customized design, but make sure that you make it look appealing and neat. Also, take care of convenience and make it mobile-friendly. You might be surprised, but more than half of Internet users prefer mobile devices to browse websites.  

You will need images for your blog posts, so make sure to reach the local designers and shops to get permission before using their pics. You can also find some copyright-free pictures or take photos of yourself to produce amazing original content. Just make sure that your photos are high-quality.  

Tip #5: Financial side of the question 

The best blog is a successful one. How to make your blog profitable? If you are a beginner and cannot boast of a broad audience at the moment, you cannot rely on traffic only. Therefore, try these options:

  • Cooperate with designers and shops to locate their paid advertisement on your resource
  • Write articles about brands and products per order
  • Use Google AdSense

However, if you decide to add some lucrative elements to your blog, this might spoil its reputation and credibility. Don’t make your resource sales-oriented. Keep it informative and engaging even if you add advertisements to some posts. 


Now you know how to create a successful blog! As we have already claimed, if you want to enter such a competitive niche as fashion, get ready to invest your energy and effort. In this article, we have discussed the basics all beginners will surely find helpful. Find the area you are interested in, write useful and engaging articles to help your readers solve particular problems, create a great design, and don’t forget about some simple monetization options. In general, these tips are suitable for any blog – art, music, cinema, a healthy life, etc.

The last tip we have for you is… Have fun! Enjoy yourself, write engaging content, communicate with your readers, and find friends among influential fashion bloggers. Good luck!

Author’s Bio:

Jeff Blaylock is a blogger interested in everything connected with fashion and beauty. He writes entertaining and informational articles on these topics, as well as art, culture, and music. Jeff believes that the main thing in beauty and fashion blogging is an opportunity to help the audience make the right individual decisions and stay themselves.