Maybe that cute guy you’ve had your eye on for a while has finally asked you out. Or maybe you and your husband are finally getting an evening to yourselves while the kids spend time with grandma and grandpa. Be it an exciting first date or a married couple’s long-awaited date night, you’ve got to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! As always, the devil’s in the details, so keep the things listed below in mind to make sure the evening is unforgettable.

Get your sexy on with some daring lingerie

Nothing can heat the atmosphere up quite as well as some sexy lingerie from Obsessive Shop ! Be it thigh-highs peeking out from under your skirt or a lacy black bra subtly visible from underneath a close-fitting white top, the key is to get his imagination going long before you get home. 

Prep your props for later

Are you expecting the night to end at your apartment? Make sure you prep all of the props you might need beforehand so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark for them as soon as you get in the door. Candles, wine, massage oils, or maybe even a crop or feather duster, if a mix of naughty and nice is your thing — you do you, girl!

Send a flirty message beforehand…or two

As with the lingerie, it’s all about heating up the atmosphere, little by little, until he’s going crazy with desire. Keep in mind that moderation is key, though, so send one, maybe a maximum of two messages — not ten — otherwise you might just stress the poor guy out. Something along the lines of “So excited for later, can’t wait to see you!” is all he needs to keep him thinking about you until you finally meet. If you’re feeling especially daring, you might follow that up with a seductive lingerie selfie. Talk about driving a guy wild with anticipation!

Keep conversation light and fun

No matter whether you’re spending the evening with that new guy from work or your husband of ten years, steer away from serious, potentially buzz-killing topics. Nothing is less sexy than going on a rant about impending global doom after having way too many drinks. If this is your first date, don’t worry! There will be plenty of time to discuss your views on politics and religion in the future. And if this is a night away from the kids, make the most of it, damn it! Flirt, joke, and generally just focus on having a great time…in the restaurant and later on.

Be yourself!

He invited you out, so he definitely already likes you for who you are. So yes, make an effort to look pretty and sexy, but don’t feel obligated to get so dolled up he won’t recognize you. Unless dolled up is your go-to everyday look, in which case feel free to go full Barbie! 

This is the night you’ve likely both been waiting for for quite some time, so take a moment to figure out how to make the absolute most of it. Best part is, if all goes well, there’s lots more where this date came from!