Fashion is changing with each passing year, making it hard to guess what type of clothes will be trending the next season. Luckily, some styles never get old, and nailing these timeless looks can help you look effortlessly chic on any occasion.

Achieving a timeless look is not as difficult as it sounds. All it takes is investing in several classic staples, as well as good-quality accessories you will use to lift any outfit.

Take a look at these 5 tips that will help you achieve a timeless style and look classy without too much effort. 

  1. Invest in Basics

Creating timeless looks is all about owning great basics. You need staple pieces that can be easily mixed and matched and will not look out of style in less than a year. 

Some of the most popular foundation pieces for timeless style include:

  • Jeans – neutral wash without wear marks or rips 
  • Wide leg trousers- these suit most body types. Opt for medium-weight fabrics like tweed, wool, or linen for summer
  • A white t-shirt that isn’t see-through
  • Wool coat (black or camel) for winter
  • Turtleneck- think Audrey Hepburn in ‘Funny Face’
  • A classic white button-up, if possible both fitted and oversized one 
  • Crewneck cashmere sweater in a neutral color.
  1. Streamline the Accessories 

As you might already know, details can make a huge difference in an outfit. When it comes to timeless fashion, you should stay away from loud handbags and statement jewelry. Instead, the majority of your accessories should be pieces that won’t feel dated in a year. 

Having a few, high-quality accessories like a black handbag, simple gold link necklace, watch, and pair of pearl earrings is a great way to complement your favorite ensemble and keep looking chic season after season. 

  1. Limit Your Exploration of Trends

If you’re always trying to follow the latest trends in fashion, chances are you will end up with a closet full of mismatched items that you will only wear a few times. This can turn out to be quite an expensive mistake. 

That doesn’t mean you should never buy trendy pieces, but if you’re striving toward a timeless wardrobe, it’s best to limit your exploration of trends. You can integrate trends into timeless style by taking a moderate version of a certain trend, ideally in a neutral color. For instance, if you want to buy a boxy blazer, opt for black or tan instead of a neon-colored or print version to make it less dated as time goes on. 

  1. Stick to a Neutral Palette 

When you look back, every decade has a certain color palette. For instance, the ’70s were all about oranges, browns, and greens, whereas in the 2000s, neon and bubblegum pink were all the rage. However, these days, colors seem to come in and go out faster than ever. 

The easiest way to pull off a timeless look is by making sure that most of the clothes in your wardrobe are in neutral shades. This means opting for white, blacks, tan, navy, and simple prints. If you really want to add a pop of color to your look, it’s best to keep the color to a secondary piece in the outfit. Multi-colored clothes look good in a few events, and according to experts, a combination of three colors is enough in one outfit. 

  1. Invest in High-Quality Shoes

Shoes can take an outfit from drab to fab in an instant but how many pairs do you actually need? This might sound disappointing, but you don’t actually need a million pairs of shoes in order to look put together. Just like with clothes, it’s best to invest in high-quality, comfortable shoes that are made to last. Experts say that a stylish lady only needs nude heels, brown boots, white sneakers, and a pair of flip-flops in order to look trendy yet elegant with any outfit she wears. 

Of course, the shoes you choose will largely depend on what styles fit into your life. For instance, if you know that you never wear heels, you should opt for a pair of flats or classic white sneakers. If you’re wearing different colored suits to work, a pair of smart brown and black shoes are just what you need. It all depends on what makes you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

We all want to have a timeless fashion sense and look good on any occasion. The five simple tips outlined in this article should assist you in achieving a timeless style that makes you appear confident and put together, and help you save money without sacrificing quality.