The Corona Virus has taken the world by storm, with officials encouraging everyone to stay quarantined in their homes to avoid the spread of this infectious, contagious disease.

I work from home, so things won’t change a ton for me, though frequent event cancellations have taken me off the social circuit. Instead of popping by parties a couple times a week, I am now at home with lots of time on my hands!

In the midst of any crisis, I always think of the silver lining. And while the threat of millions becoming infected is sobering, while we are in isolation, there are many things we can do to keep our spirits up:

  1. Plan for the Year: Strategize and Prepare

Living the Bomb Life for me in 2020 has meant frequent flights, late nights, and little sleep, but now I have a chance to be still and think about longterm goals. We still have two big events coming up this year: Our NYFW show September 12th and the Faby’sDecember 12th. While in the past I might have gotten so overwhelmed that I didn’t take time to plan, this year, we’re going to get all of our ducks in a row to make sure anything we touch will be bomb!

2. Start tackling those tasks you’ve been putting off

I’ve wanted to start my Convos with Claire podcast for months! Months! But I’ve been suffering from excusitis for just as long. What better time than now to start a new venture that’s been bubbling on your mind but you’ve been putting off? There’s no other place than here, and there’s no better time than now.

3. Create!

When’s the last time you updated your blog, Youtube Page, or website? Exactly. I haven’t updated the Bomb Life in at least two weeks. That stops now. Write, vlog, and create to your heart’s content.

4. Grow Your Edges

For my myriad events, I tend to wear wigs, and honestly, the frequent use and wig glue have done a number on my scalp and edges. During this down time, I’ve gotten protective styles and am focusing on the health of my natural hair, using products like Kreyol EssenceStay tuned for updates!

5. Corona Virus and Chill

I just finished watching the Circle on Netflix; before that I was a fan of Love is Blind. Yes! Indulge in that fun TV you might not always have had time for, or learn something new on Youtube. Feed your mind and the rest will follow!

Corona Virus is scary as it is so unknown, so be sure to take the proper precautions! Wash your hands, use Purell, and stay stay safe, y’all.

Love & Light,

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