Ganesia Wveighlin’s artistic direction has placed rising luxury Black-Owned shoe brand, CaesarWalks, as a leader in small black owned brands that designs are anything but standard fare.

Here are 5 simple yet important things to know about the fashion designer.

  1. She is the youngest footwear designer to own 100% of a shoe brand

At 27, Ganesia Wveighlin became the youngest footwear designer to own 100% of her company in 2017 and remains the youngest footwear company owner til this day. 

  1. She is also a shoemaker

After starting her shoe brand in 2017, Ganesia went to study shoemaking in 2019 with the goal to make all her designs by her own hand.  Ganesia got her first introduction into footwear construction and pattern making in Brooklyn, New York and then continued her studies in London, England.

  1. She initially studied Economics

Fashion has always been a hobby for Ganesia. At 6’1, She had early aspirations of being a model for Wilhelmina at the age of 16, but her family discouraged the thought. Although she kept her interest in art and fashion, she studied and graduated with a degree in Economics at Clark Atlanta University.

  1. Her name’s pronunciation


According to multiple interviews, Ganesia has always had to correct the pronunciation of her name. Ganesia pronounces her first name “Ja-nee-cia” and her last name “Vway-Lin”

  1. She created CaesarWalks in 2017


In the past year of social and racial unrest, Wveighlin has become more known as the artistic director and founder of her own footwear brand CaesarWalks based in Atlanta. Although Wveighlin is currently getting more recognition, she founded her brand in 2017 as a premier luxury brand for men and women footwear.  Her collections are hand crafted by the finest shoe artisans in Portugal and Italy.

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