Whether you call them pajamas, jammies, or loungewear, you’ve likely dedicated a separate part of your closet just for the clothes you wear to sleep. Few things in life are as satisfying as changing out of your workwear or going-out clothes and putting on softer, looser, and more comfortable layers of fabric before going to bed. 

But should you be satisfied with wearing any old T-shirt, sweatshirt, pair of flannel shorts, or pair of jogging pants to snooze? Will it make a difference whether you go to bed in these or in actual sleepwear? The truth is, it’s a good idea to be thoughtful about what you sleep in—doing so could affect your health, quality of sleep, and overall comfort when you hit the hay. 

What’s the scoop on sleepwear and why should you invest in it? Here are some important facts that you should know before you shop for women’s pajama tops online

The History and Science Behind Sleepwear: Anatomy of a Good Snooze

Pajamas get their name from the Urdu and Persian words for “leg” and “clothing.” The term was adopted into the English vernacular in the 1800s after the home wear garments worn by both Indian peasants and gentry caught on in the Western world. From ordinary loungewear, the simple pajama then became a fashion phenomenon thanks to the haute creations of designers like Coco Chanel. Beauty icons like Greta Garbo added glamor to the humble garment in the 20th century, and “pajama fashion” has lived on well into the 2000s. 

But pajamas are known to serve more than just a cosmetic purpose. Sleep experts consider good sleepwear as part of good “sleep hygiene,” or healthy habits that cultivate healthy and restorative sleep. In light of a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which shows that up to 70 million Americans suffer from bad sleep, comfortable and functional sleepwear can balance out the equation. In addition to a healthy diet and a calm environment, proper sleepwear can go a long way in helping someone achieve a good night’s rest. 

Why Wear Sleepwear to Bed? The 5 Best Reasons 

So why should you ditch your old gym shorts and shirts and buy good-quality pajama tops and bottoms to wear to bed? These are the most compelling reasons:

They Keep Your Body at an Ideal Temperature

One thing that either helps you doze off or prevents you from falling asleep quickly is the temperature of your room. Being too warm or too cold can keep you up at night, and worse yet, either extreme can lower your immunity and make you sick. Old, overly loose, and tattered clothing can’t protect your body from temperature extremes as well as dedicated sleepwear can. 

Knowing this, look for sleepwear that can strike the perfect balance—i.e., keep you warm when the weather’s cold and keep you cool when the weather’s hot. It helps to choose pajama sets that are made out of breathable fabric and that come with temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. That way, even if you break a sweat while sleeping, you won’t be as prone to catching a cold and getting sick. 

They’re More Comfortable Than Other Clothes

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t go to bed in your work clothes or your party clothes. You may already know how hard it would be to fall asleep in jeans or a collared shirt. But your hole-ridden shirts and baggy jogging pants may not be doing you a service, either. Even if they’re better to wear in the privacy of your home than your outside clothes, they’re still not specifically tailored for a good night’s sleep. 

In contrast, pajamas are purposefully made to be comfortable, light on the body, and conducive for rest. When you switch from your old home wear to quality sleepwear, you may already start feeling the difference in the quality of your sleep. Comfy sleepwear will do its job of helping you relax, and it won’t be as hard to fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed the next day. 

They’re the Most Hygienic Clothes to Wear to Bed 

Wearing proper sleepwear is also the best way to preserve the overall hygiene of your sleeping environment. If you go to sleep in other clothes or choose to sleep in only your underwear, dead skin from your body and bacteria may accumulate in your bedspace. Though this isn’t necessarily dangerous, it may eventually cause a skin rash or an infection, and that will put you further away from getting the shuteye you need. 

The solution is to always go to bed in clean sleepwear that covers up your skin. On top of wearing pajamas, make sure to switch out and launder your pillowcases, blankets, and sheets as necessary. 

They Prepare Your Body for a Good Night’s Rest

A good part of cultivating proper sleep hygiene is to give your body discernible cues that it’s time to rest. Some examples of cues that can prepare your body (both physically and psychologically) for rest are dimming the lights in your room, putting on some relaxing music, and of course, changing clothes. 

One of the best ways to guide your body into its nightly habit is to put on a set of snug and comfy sleepwear. Doing so will give your body a surefire cue to go into sleep mode and ease you right into dreamland. 

They’re a Joy to Wear Wherever You Sleep

Lastly, good pajamas are just a joy to wear to bed. Not only do they contribute to your overall comfort when you’re sleeping; pajamas with fun and colorful designs can uplift your mood and have you looking forward to bedtime.

It’s pleasure enough to buy sleepwear for your own private use at home. But you can add some more fun to your next sleepover, staycation, travel adventure, or pajama-themed party with interestingly designed jammies. Guarantee a great night’s sleep both inside and outside your own bedroom with some dedicated sleepwear. 

Final Words

Buying good sleepwear is one of the best things you can do to improve your daily downtime routine and achieve full, restorative sleep. Shop for pairs that you’ll look forward to putting on every night!