Video games are great ways to make money in the modern world. However, a great deal of hard work is required to do this. Since “work” has been added to video games, they are no longer fun to play. This is why many people who start down this road give up after only a few months.

Instead of turning their hobbies into professions, many people have grown to despise the very things they once loved. The market is also risky because of its high volume of customers. For every success story, there are hundreds of failed attempts.

Can You Get Paid to Play Games?

Yes, it is possible to earn money playing games. Aside from playing online games, creating video game content or working as a video game journalist, taking part in live professional gaming competitions, and live streaming their gameplay, there are several ways to get paid playing games, including

  • Playing a game of chance
  • Sign up for offers and consume ads
  • Taking gaming as a business or career.

Ways To Play Games to Earn Money

The gaming industry is brimming with possibilities for making a name for yourself and a fortune. You can find a niche in video games – gry na pieniadze and make money doing something you enjoy, depending on your hobbies and availability. One such person is Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams, who has been active in this field since 2007. Here are a few of the best ways to monetize your gaming time.

Earn Money Live Streaming

Everyone can broadcast their gaming in real time for everyone else to watch. Aim to cultivate a sizable following or a dedicated audience. The most popular platform for live streaming is Twitch, but users also have the option of using YouTube.

Getting people to watch a live stream takes time. You might not get 10 people watching simultaneously for months or 100 people for years. Most streamers never get to that point, and you need thousands of regular viewers to make a living by streaming video games.

Nowadays, there are too many people streaming. Why should I watch you when there are other popular streams? It’s hard. Be the best gamer in the world, have a unique sense of humor, or play games that nobody else does.

Streaming is easy to get started with, which is a good thing. You only need a good computer, games people want to watch, a good personality, and software that lets you stream. Make sure that your upload speed is fast enough for the stream and that your PC is powerful enough for the games you’re playing.

Engage in a game of e-sports

If you’re the kind of person who routinely crushes their buddies in Call of Duty or other online shooter events, consider looking at e-sports as a career option.

In e-sports tournaments, both pro and amateur gamers compete for prize pools worth millions of dollars. Millions of people tune in online to watch these things as they happen in real-time. Some of the most popular games in e-sports are first-person shooters, fighting games, and card games.

As of 2020, the highest-earning e-sports player has earned a career total of over $6,000,000. In the United States, the best e-sports competitions offer cash prizes of up to $200,000.

When there are five or six people in a tournament, the prize pool is bigger, and the prizes can be split more evenly. Although not every competitor will walk away with a six-figure prize, big bucks are up for grabs.

Take part in online card competitions

If you can’t get to a casino or other place to gamble, you can still play poker tournaments and other gambling games online and win real money. You may get a list of current or upcoming competitions or online casinos you can join to play virtual slots by performing a fast Google search for “online poker tournaments,” “online blackjack tournaments,” or going to a website like

Before you decide to use this way to make money by playing games online, you should check each website and tournament to ensure it is reputable and legal in your state.

Create How-To Manuals and Guides

People who are new to certain games like to read guides, particularly for multiplayer games where players compete against each other.

There are many ways to make game tutorials, such as putting written guides on a website, putting video guides on YouTube, or putting guides out as ebooks. Most of the time, ads and donations are used to make money from the first two, while sales are used to make money from the ebook route.

Participate in the Field of Games Journalism

Assuming you enjoy writing and are a dedicated gamer or lover of video games or e-sports, you should look into a career as a video game journalist. As a video game journalist, you’ll cover topics like industry trends, new releases, in-depth interviews with prominent players, and breaking news. You might also visit product launches, events, and tournaments to report on them.

The best places to start your career as a video game writer are on gaming-centric websites, blogs, and publications. You don’t have to look for a full-time job right away. Instead, you can work as a freelance writer or start your video game blog to show off your writing skills.

The Best Online Games That Pay Actual Cash

Are there any game applications that offer monetary compensation? They do; many of these applications have been known to pay out as much as one hundred thousand dollars to exceptionally fortunate players, although such outcomes are not frequent. If you’re going to be playing phone games anyway, why not try a few that will earn you money in 2023 instead of Candy Crush Saga or Wordle?

GAMEGENREWithdrawal Method
Blackout BingoCasinoPayPal
Bubble CashBubble PoppingPayPal
DraftKings Fantasy FootballFantasy FootballCheck, PayPal, or Bank Account
Long GameVariousBank Account
Solitaire CashCardPayPal
Solitaire for CashCardPayPal

What more?

If you are a serious gamer, generating money through online games is something you should look into. People who like to perform in front of an audience or compete in tournaments can play games that pay real money. There are also opportunities for those interested in working more behind the scenes.

Be sure that the expectations you have of yourself are grounded in reality. You will unlikely make a six-figure income from online gaming unless you work full-time in this field.

But let’s say you’re ready to put in the time, effort, and commitment needed to build your platform and skills and connect with an audience. In that case, your online gaming addiction can become a respectable way to make money online.