Happy Monday everyone! Monday are always hard on me, especially after eventful weekends and a lot of movement. Nonetheless, we’re kicking off our week running, starting with Kiara from Philly:Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-11
“My name is Kiara Mar’Lynn and I am from the suburbs right outside of Philadelphia, PA.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-10
“I am currently a graduate student at Philadelphia University where I am pursuing my M.S in Global Fashion Enterprise.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-9
“Outside of being a student, I work full time as a Visual Merchandising Team Leader for Target.” 
“I am a blogger, wardrobe stylist, and personal shopper.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-7
“After writing for two blogs in the past, I decided to start my own. My blog is for fashion, music, beauty, events, and more.” Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-6
“I would say that my style depends on how I’m feeling that day.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-4
“Some days it’s classic/chic while other says it is very edgy/tom boy.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-5
“I believe that your personal style depends on you and that nobody knows you better than you.” Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-3
“When you dress better, you look better.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-2
“When you look better, you feel better. When you feel better, you live better.”Kiara-from-Philly-Bombshell-1
“The only thing you have to do first, is find the key(ki) to your style”
Okay Kiara! I can dig your style’s uniqueness and versatility. If you guys want to see more of her budding fashion sense, check her out on IG: @thekitoyourstyle. So what do you think of Kiara from Philly?


What do you think of Kiara from Philly?

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