Welcome back everyone! Today for our Bombshell submissions, we’ve got Angela rocking with us from New York:

Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-8She says, “My name is Angela Barimah, “fashion anthropology” blogger and fashion designer / owner of “Queen Adwoa’s Closet.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-1

“My style aesthetic is what I’d like to call “Globally Classic.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-3

“Essentially, I love taking chic, high-quality vintage selections and mixing them with authentic global pieces from cultures around the world.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-4

“Due to my love of history as well as my Ghanaian and West Indian (U.S.V.I) heritage, the impact of culture has always been a key part of nearly every aspect of my life, including my style.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-7

“I really enjoy amazing statement pieces, like rings, bangles, necklaces, and fabrics, especially from various global tribes.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-5

“I’m a firm believer in knowing the origin of your pieces, especially when it comes to a particular tribe’s culture.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-9

“From street-style to sexy … from formal to boho … I love it all, and really enjoy playing with my look.”Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-6

“Yet, no matter how I choose to express myself that particular day, my sense of being connected to the world and love of history and fashion is always present in the way I dress.”

Angela-from-New-York-Bombshell-10 “Again, thank you so much for considering me!”

Cute! I love this multicultural theme you’ve got going on in your clothing and accessories! If you guys want to keep up with her, check out her IG: oheneba_sankofa_adwoa or her blog, www.queenadwoascloset.info. So, thoughts on Angela’s look?


What do you think of Angela from New York?

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