With the coming seasons comes the rolling trends, and this week we decided to see how you guys rocked the Boudoir-inspired one! I was personally excited for this one, seeing as how I’ve never stepped into the realms of Boudoir-inspired attire dressing.

Let’s take a look at a few of our submissions, shall we?

Lanatria-@caribbeancowgirl-boudoir-trend-satin-dusterLanatria, aka @caribbean_cowgirl, wrote, “I took this vintage negligee and topped it with a satin duster for the perfect sultry look.” This definitely is sultry!


Kizzy, or @kizzyevae, wrote, ” I wore this Sears  gown from the late 60’s to a black tie gala and I remixed it with a vintage silver mink For a White House event. The gown is from www.kuratedke.com (vintage and antique curator). As a plus size blogger (www.kizzyevae.com) it’s important that we try on i.e. we to see if it works with our body.Werk it girl!


Krystyle DeSantos showed us how to rock a Zara boudoir-inspired set right for the Spring/Summer. I see you in the choker trend too!

Sarey also rocked the same boudoir-inspired look with red pumps and a bralette. Chic!

Sabrina (aka @sabriann) said, “Hi! My name is Sabrina Sagesse & here is how I rocked my “boudoir” look!” This dress is so cute!


Stacie-@staciedionne99-boudoir-trend-kimono-bustier-Stacie-@staciedionne99-boudoir-trend-kimono-bustier-3Stacie ( @staciedionne99) said, “I love to incorporate boudoir clothing in my daily wardrobe to give a more feminine soft look to my outfits.  I am wearing a vintage Natori bustier along with a kimono style robe along with vintage St. John pants.  I hope you all enjoy this look!”

Okay, cool submissions guys! We definitely want to add more Bombers and Bombshells though! If you rocked the Boudoir trend, send your submissions to su*********@fa**************.com to be added!



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