If you’re shooting for something pretty and dainty, you can always bet on Lace. While some may think (much like the fishnet stocking), lace can be too risque or sexy to appear classy, we beg to differ!

You guys sent in your lace looks and we’re here to highlight! Let’s take a look!


Lili wrote, “My name is Lili and I’m a new designer; I’ll be launching the @truaura collection soon. Here are a couple of pieces showcased in this pic. Would love to be featured on your blog as I am a lace fiend! Thank you kindly in advance! :)” Yes to both looks!

Kari-@Chicagoings-lace-dress-trendKari, or @chicagoings, said, “In a city like Chicago, it can be hot one day and freezing the next. I love wearing lace dresses with sleeves which work perfectly no matter the season.”


Esther, or @Be_ezie said, “My name is Esther and came across “how to wear lace post” would like to submit mine. Thanks for creating a platform to showcase personal style.” Love that skirt and that fur Esther!


Pentene showed us her favorite lace cream romper for the Spring. Day party, anyone?


Liz Madowo, aka @lizmadowo, rocked lace with print.

Erica-@Eboisaubin_-black-lace-trendErica Boisaubin of Boisaubin.com and on IG @EBoisaubin_  showed how black lace could be rocked for Spring.

Jandira-@JandiraOrtega-lace-top-trendJandira, aka @jandiraortega, showed us how to rock lace and all white. Chic!


Ms. Sole, or @lovelifepearls, gave us a taste of lace, fur and Louboutins. Yaaasss Queen!


Onyinye, @modavracha, strutted those long legs in two lace tops. I definitely want that entire all black look!

WHEW. Ya’ll made me realize I do not wear nearly enough lace…but now I have some style inspiration! So there you have it folks! We have a ton more in the gallery, so be sure to check it out. What trend should we cover next? Let us know!

Peace and Blessings to the weekend ahead.


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