Hey! Today we’ve got a new Bombshell, Jasmine from (Chi-town) Chicago, Illinois:


She says, “My name is Jasmine Latisha…the woman behind ClothesandFros.com.Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-2

“I am a fashion and natural hair blogger.”Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-3

 ” Style, for me, is ever-changing.  I wouldn’t even want to box myself in by saying I have one particular style.”Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-4

” I style myself based upon how I’m feeling that day.”Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-9

  “One day you may see me and I’m in a formal dress, with 6 inch heels on, and the very next day you’ll see me with ripped jeans and sneakers on. “ Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-6

“That’s just how different and versatile my style is. “Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-7

 “It’s authentically and unapologetically…me.  I live by the quote, “Fashion is nothing, Style is everything”, because style is so beautifully, unique and helps to express who you are as a person.”Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-8

  “So as you look at my pics, and you see my style, it’s almost like I’m telling you who I am…without even have to say one word…and that is simply amazing :)”Jasmine-from-Chicago-Bombshell-5

Okay Jasmine! Your looks are definitely unique and diverse, and I love looking at them (especially the yellow romper, yum!) Anywho, if you guys want to stay friends with Jasmine, follow her on IG: Clothesandfros. What do you think of her style?

What do you think of Jasmine from Chicago?

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