Hey! Today we’ve got another International Bombshell (hey ya’ll!), Dilim from Botswana:

Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-1She says, “Hi, I am Dilim and I live in Gaborone, Botswana but frequently habit Johannesburg, South Africa.”


“I’m just a girl living life in search of a closet that suits me.”Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-16

 “The aim of my style and lifestyle blog, since I started it five years ago,
has always been about owning every bit of who you are and also about
connecting with people with common interest.”Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-13

“To define my style, I can simple say I like what I wear, and wear what
I like. Everyone certainly should!”Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-14
“I would please love the opportunity to be considered for your fashion
bombshell of the day feature.”Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-7

“Many thanks to you in advance.”Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-5Check out more photos below:



Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-11Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-3 Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-15Dilim-from-Botswana-Bombshell-2


Cute! You definitely have a style that’s all your own, and even amongst ALL your looks, the white with red purse and shoes is still my favorite (timeless and classic!) Stay up on Dilim aka @fromheadtoheels on her stylish looks. So, what do you think of her style?


What do you think of Dilim from Botswana?

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