You have many possibilities between dressy and casual pieces, but it’s not always simple to put outfits together. We usually get stuck and don’t know if some pieces go together. However, you can be sure that now it is okay to combine different styles. Fashion these days is about breaking the “rules” and being unique. For example, you can wear jeans with a hoodie and a formal coat. 

With so many great pieces accessible to experiment with, we feel more confident in creating unusual outfit combinations than ever before. So, if you love some unique outfit that makes you feel fabulous, go for it and wear it! Keep in mind that anything goes when appropriately combined, so be creative and think out of the box with style.

Here we’ve listed some fashion tips so you can learn how to style a chic look by mixing casual and dressy pieces. So, use our advice to attain a relaxed style while still looking elegant. 

Pearls and Casual Outfits

Pearls have always been linked with ‘dressing up’ and elegance. However, you don’t need a little black dress to wear pearls – you can wear them casually too. They can match every outfit, and they’re never out of style. Pearls go well with casual outfits because their formality creates an exciting contrast. Wearing a single exceptional piece, such as pearl earrings, enhances casual outfits. You get an elegant, comfy, and ladylike look with a refined yet casual style!

You can wear classic jeans and a white t-shirt with pearls. Pearls are available in many colors like white, black, pink, gold, and everything in between, although white pearls are the most popular. But you can pick pink or black pearls to create a more dramatic look. The color will be heavily influenced by the type of pearl you choose. Akoya and Freshwater pearls are usually white, Tahitian pearls are always dark with elegant overtones, while the most expensive and prestigious pearls, South Sea pearls, are white or gold. When dressed casually, always choose larger pearls to make a statement.

Sneakers and Dressy Outfits 

The ugly dad sneakers are still having a moment. But, that is good since you can be comfortable while rocking an elegant outfit. If you don’t believe us, try a satin dress with spaghetti straps with a chunky pair of sneakers. You can complement this outfit with a layered coin necklace. Also, you can take your game to the next level by styling your classic pantsuit with sneakers and a belt bag.

Okay, we know we can’t talk about sneakers without mentioning socks. If you decide to wear denim shorts, a blazer, and sneakers, you will need a pair of fun socks. There are many eye-catching and creative prints available online. Whether you want no-show socks or silly socks, we advise you to get a sock subscription to enjoy different designs delivered to you monthly.

Graphic T-Shirt With Dressier Pieces 

T-shirts are casual, but you can definitely dress them up. For example, wearing an oversized or fitted blazer over a tee is a great way to get a business-meets-pleasure look. Your outfit will scream, “I get work done but also have fun.” In addition, graphic T-shirts pair well with monochrome, oversized suits. They’ll bring a fun vibe to a formal, powerful look. And if you tuck a T-shirt into tailored pants, combined with heels and fun jewelry, you’ll get a glamorous combination.  

You can even party on a night out with a tee if you combine it with a leather skirt or a leather jacket. It’s the ideal way to dress up a casual T-shirt and look edgy and cool. If you tuck it into a flowy skirt, you’ll bring a feminine and beachy vibe to an otherwise basic tee. For fashion-forward outfits, you can tuck the T-shirt into chino trousers, denim pants, boyfriend jeans, midi skirts, or mini skirts. You can pair it with your heeled sandals or your favorite loafers. Whichever shoes you choose, you’ll get beautiful and bold outfits. 

Oversized Sweatshirt as a Chic Piece 

Even the most basic sweater can be a part of a dressy outfit if you wear it as a dress and combine it with thigh-high boots. Oversized sweaters and fabulous boots will make a fantastic streetwear look. You can even choose colored shoes to make your plain sweatshirt outfit pop. 

Wear a blazer on top of the sweatshirt and a t-shirt underneath for more texture and colors. This outfit is a remarkable statement for the events you need to wear a jacket, allowing for an innovative and casual style that remains put together and professional. Of course, if you want to add professionalism to a comfortable look, you can wear your sweatshirt with slacks.

Wrapping Up

Fashion is the best way to express ourselves. Dressing up doesn’t imply wearing only formal clothing. You may include classy pieces in your everyday wardrobe. However, choosing well-fitting, high-quality clothing is crucial regardless of your style.

Then again, you can combine your casual and dressy elements to create a polished yet relaxed look. And don’t forget accessorizing since the right accessories tie every outfit together. Putting these looks together will be out of your comfort zone, and that’s the beauty of fashion – to make you feel powerful and confident.