Getting married is one of the most magical days in your life that could ever happen. Apart from the pretty clothes you and your partner wear, you’d be tying the knot as you promise to be with each other for your entire lifetime. With this event, you may want to capture everything through good photos so you’d have something to look back to when you’re both old and gray.  

One thing you can keep with you after your wedding is the photos. These images would help you remember what your important day looked like and what memories you’ve started on that day. For this reason, you must ensure to plan the best wedding photos there could ever be. Listed below are some tips on how to plan a fashionable and picture-perfect wedding.  

  1. Emphasize Your Engagement Ring 

One of the things you can highlight at your wedding is your ring. Of course, you’d like to show off the engagement ring that made you say yes. This could be an awesome idea, especially if your partner got you one of the unique engagement rings that could ever exist in this lifetime. Try to emphasize your rock on your wedding photos so you’d have something to remember by when you get older.  

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be difficult, especially since there’s plenty of options to choose from. There are classic, infinity, heirloom, and vintage engagement rings, to name a few. But whatever ring you have on your finger, what’s important is it’s something that made you happy and proud. So showing it off in your wedding photos would make the day extra special and tell people how pleased you are with your partner’s effort.  

  1. Use Candles And Fairy Lights 

No matter what your theme is for your wedding, try to make it romantic and magical as much as possible. For your entire venue, consider adding plenty of candles and fairy lights as they can help provide a romantic atmosphere. You may put in candles for an additional touch to your centerpiece or even place them on the stage. However, it’s best to avoid using scented candles as some of the guests might be allergic or too sensitive to certain smells around the room.  

Meanwhile, adding fairy lights in your venue and backdrop can help boost the appearance of the place instantly. They can immediately help the room look romantic, allowing everything to feel magical and extraordinary.  

  1. Don’t Forget The Ceiling 

While some people might ignore the ceiling in their wedding venue, decorating it well can actually help emphasize the beauty of the place, making it fashionable and picture-perfect. On this note, don’t neglect your ceiling but rather utilize it to add vibrance to your venue. If your venue has a high ceiling and you decide to leave it blank, it’d make the room look empty and uninspiring.  

Depending on your wedding theme, add decorations and ornaments to your ceiling. For the safest option, you can add sheer fabrics around it and allow a grand chandelier to highlight them. If you’d like to make it look rustic yet romantic, adding plenty of sting lights would emphasize that look. If you’re going for a garden theme, adding huge faux drop flowers by the ceiling would help to emphasize nature.  

When adding ceiling treatments, ensure they’re within an appropriate height as you don’t want your guests to bump their heads into the decorations. Ideally, the lowest point of your ceiling decorations should be 10 feet from the ground.  

  1. Design Your Venue Well 

Apart from your ceiling, you should design your entire venue well by implementing a coordinated look. When choosing a theme for your wedding, it might be tempting to move from one design to another, especially if you’d like to have a traditional décor but leaning toward a glamorous one. To allow your venue to be picture-perfect, choose a single theme and try to stick with it as much as possible.  

Ideally, pick the perfect theme you’d like to have for your wedding. It should be something you’d love to remember for years to come and not just because it’s a common trend. You should also pick the right colors, especially if you’re planning to have a winter or summer wedding.  

Moreover, if you’re having trouble imagining what your venue should be, consider hiring a wedding stylist, who’d give input on how to implement the look you desire for your wedding. While hiring them might be an added cost, it’d be worth it as they can enable you to achieve the wedding of your dreams.  


Planning for a picture-perfect wedding can be challenging since you’d need to look after plenty of factors. While the preparation is stressful, seeing how beautiful your wedding photos are would make everything worth it. When posing for your wedding photos, try to highlight what’s important to you, including your engagement ring as well as the venue you’ve worked hard for. This way, you can bring beautiful memories with you even many years after your wedding, allowing you to enjoy every photo you have on that special day.