Breast augmentation is the surgery process that is done by doctors to enhance your breast. It involves breast implants that will be inserted inside your breast to change the volume, size, and shape. If you are considering getting breast augmentation it is important to research first every aspect and details of it. 

You should be fully knowledgeable and fully informed about all the processes right from start to finish. Aside from the beauty-related medical procedure, there are also surprising facts that you need to know about breast augmentation. If you are interested, take a look at this list we made. 

It Can Affect Nipple Sensation

Breast augmentation and the implants inserted can heighten and reduce feelings on your nipples. Numbness and tingling sensation can be felt but can go back to normal after the healing process. However, it can intervene with sensual feelings and breastfeeding. If you want to preserve your nipple sensation you have to consult your doctor, this way they are aware of your choice and can perform medical procedures that can help retain the feeling on your nipple. Moreover, the size and placing of your implants can affect the chest muscle which is the one in charge of the sensation in your breast. There is aftercare you should follow post-surgery to help the healing process faster. 

It Is Still Possible To Breastfeed

Contrary to popular belief, you can still breastfeed even when you have implants. You might be scared or hesitant to have the medical procedure because you want to breastfeed. Breast augmentation rarely affects females ability to nurse. In addition, it will not affect the amount of breast milk you produce. Implants are commonly positioned at the back of milk glands or behind the chest muscle, this is why it doesn’t affect the milk supply. However you should tell the doctor to be careful in the location, depth and the incision to not interfere with your ability to breastfeed.

There are Different Types of Implants

You might think that the only decision you have to make is to put implants or not, you are wrong. If you decide to have breast augmentation, you still need to decide on what type of implants you want to get. It will depend on your breast size, shape and your goals aside from choosing which is suitable for you. 

There are different types of implant and here are some few options: 

  • Saline implants, also known as saltwater implants, are firm and look really alike. They can look fake since they look so perfect.
  • Form stable implants, or gummy bear as they call it, are a thicker type of silicone and looks firmer than normal breast
  • Silicone-filled implants, which is the best type and most natural type of implants that the surgeons commonly recommend.

The First Silicone Implant Dates Back to 1962

The surgeon Frank Gerow from Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston performed it to a 29 years old female named Timmie Jean Lindsey. Together with Thomas Cronin, they developed a teardrop-shaped silicone to be a breast implant. This prototype became the foundation of silicone implants over the years.

Getting a medical surgery is a major decision, but as long as you are fully conscious about it and it will really benefit you then you should continue. Just ensure that you will do proper research regarding the process, the doctors and aftercare then you will be ready for it.


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