Hey Lovelies!
So I’m off to Paris tomorrow morning!
While the thought of going abroad with nothing but a dream is pretty terrifying, what’s really nutso is the thought of packing up all my stuff! All my shoes, coats, bags, and dresses can’t go with me..blame New York!
New York has some of the best shopping in the world, and I’m going to miss my 4 favorite must stop shops:
1. Barney’s Co-Op:

Barney's Co-Op

Barney’s is far from cheap, but I go there regularly to be inspired by cutting edge designs by Marc by Marc Jacobs, 3.1. Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, Madison Marcus, Alexander Wang and more. I dip in to drool over the displays, but stay shopping on that sale rack! It’s gotten so bad, I even made up a system to remember the cross streets (187 for 18th and 7th ave!).Check it out at 236 West 18th Street. 212-716-8816.
2. Fisch for the Hip:
Right down the street from Barney’s Coop, you’ll find Fisch for the Hip, the only consignment store in New York you need to know. Why? They exclusively carry current season high end designs from Balengiaga, Bottega Veneta , Cavalli, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, Gucci, Hermes and more. And they make it clear: no pleats, no double breasted jackets, or sweaters that aren’t the softest cashmere! Ladies listen: this is where you go to buy your Louboutins for less. You’ll still pay a pretty penny, but know you’re getting quality. Guys, you’re covered too. 153 W 18th St. (212) 633-9053
3. Pieces:

If you’re in Brooklyn y’all should know by now that Pieces is the only place you have to go! From flirty dresses to more buttoned up fashion week looks, Pieces has everything you need, with prices that go from affordable ($140 for a dress) to pearl clutching ($500 for a see through sheer shirt). No matter what, though, Pieces is the bomb. And trust: I’m taking everything I bought from Pieces with me! 671 Vanderbilt, Brooklyn. www.piecesofbklyn.com.
4. Lounge

Anytime I need that fire pair of boots, or a cute pair of unique sandals, I only go to Lounge in Soho. Bypass the blaring music on the first floor, and go straight to the basement, where you’ll find a well edited selection of shoes by United Bamboo, Miss Sixty, Anna Sui, and Report Signature. 593 Broadway. 212-519-5618.
What are you favorite shops in NYC?
*Did I mention how much I’m gonna miss it????
**Check out more New York Shopping here.

6 thoughts on “4 Must Stop Shops in New York City”

  1. I’m a luker for a long time now. But I just had to come out of the shadows to let you know that I wish you such an abundance of blessings in your new adventure. You are so brave to follow your dreams. I so proud of you and I don’t even know you!

    Be safe and live life to the fullest. I’ll be checking back to follow you on this journey!

  2. I’m all for following your dreams and support you 100%. Do your thing Claire. To answe your questions one of my favorite stores in the city is Dar Dar located on Nassau and Fulton st. Great dresses, handbags,jeans,everything!My one request is that you keep this page live and well for all of us fashion mavens. We need it. I know personally, I crave it.

    Best wishes,
    Amanda G.

  3. I’m so very happy for you, and admire you for following your dream! Bonne chance, madamoiselle!

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