The “shacket” is part shirt, part jacket, and 100% convenience. This must-have item for layering suits the shoulder months when the weather is unpredictable. Shackets transcend seasonal barriers, providing the perfect solution when you need to stay warm but not sweltering. Best of all, this piece is sleek and stylish with outstanding versatility so that you can incorporate it into nearly any type of outfit. Consider these strategies for wearing a shacket.

In a Durable Double Denim Outfit

Double denim occasionally gets a bad rap, but it’s a great choice when you want something casual and durable for an afternoon of chores or outdoor activities. Men’s shacket trends and modern denim trends collide beautifully in this type of outfit. As a general rule, you should choose darker denim on top and lighter denim on the bottom to make this pairing work. Layer your denim shacket over a simple button-down shirt to dress up your look a little, or simply pair it with a plain tee.

With a Casual Jeans and Tee Combo

When you can’t quite tell if the day is warm enough for a T-shirt, a light shacket is the perfect solution. A corduroy shacket is the ideal pick with jeans, a T-shirt, and comfortable sneakers. You can shrug it off easily and leave it in the car if the day is warm. Retrieve it for casual warmth as the weather cools down in the evening for a look that’s begging to find a campfire to gather around.

As a Wool and Chinos Pairing

If you want to take your shacket into the realm of polished and professional, wear it with an Oxford shirt and neat chinos. You can make this outfit more casual with sneakers, while dress shoes will easily take it into the office. Choose a sleek gray wool shacket for this outfit, and you’ll enjoy a jaunty fix that’s great for a day at the office or a lunch meeting with clients or colleagues.

For Layering Under a Winter Jacket

While the shacket works well for use during the spring and autumn months, its usefulness can extend into winter when you need another layer to get the warmth you want. In this type of outfit, you’ll use your shacket as a middle layer over a flannel or sweater and under a winter jacket. This layering is ideal if you have a light winter jacket and either need ample warmth or want the versatility of taking your jacket on or off as the weather fluctuates throughout the day.

Although the shacket first evolved as part of military attire and workers’ uniforms, its usefulness has since earned it a solid place in everyday attire. You can find shackets in flannel, cotton, tweed, canvas, and wool, giving you a seemingly endless range of possibilities when it comes to working this piece into your wardrobe. Grab a few do-it-all shackets for your wardrobe, and you’ll find that they can fit into nearly any type of outfit.