Dressing well is an art. Your dressing sense makes you popular in your circle. You feel good when people praise your dress, and it also boosts your confidence level.

But most of the men don’t know how to dress. They wear wrong colors of shirts and jeans, unmatched tie, and shoes which destroy their whole look.

If you are buying an expensive shirt but it is not according to the event or occasion which you have to attend it can make you look sloppy. So here you can get some ideas about how can you dress.

  1. Invest Wisely On Your Dress

Wearing expensive clothes is not the way to look stylish. If you want an elegant look, then invest wisely. Sometimes men think spending more money on clothes can make them look good. In fact, their dressing sense make them attractive. So, choose what suits you.

  1. Wear Light Colors

If you are planning for shopping, then try to pick light colors for yourself. Because wearing light colors of both shirts and jeans make you more attractive, and it shows your good taste.

So while building your wardrobe don’t ignore the color coordination. Avoid wearing

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange

These colors, especially in summers, can make a man’s whole appearance messy. So, always choose light colors while buying shirts for you.

When you wear light color, it enhances your personality and gives you a complete look.  Your dress represented your personality and showed your dressing sense. So, always dress appropriately and use colors like blue, white, and grey.

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  1. Get the Right Fit

Do you want a stylish look by just wearing a simple shirt and jeans?

Then get the size of your clothes which fits you. Have you ever noticed that how a man can look stylish by just wearing a shirt and jeans? Because he wears the size which suits him.

If you also eagerly want this stylish look, then wear shirts which fit you. Men prefer to wear loose-fitting clothes because they feel more comfortable in their loose dresses. But your free size shirts and jeans can destroy your whole look and make you unattractive.

For a catchy look always wear a shirt which fits you in its size. Next time when you go for shopping try to pick the shirts and jeans of your waist and shoulders.

You can find your size if you try a shirt before purchasing it. You can also buy quality men shirts of every size and color online.

  1. Your Footwear Complete Your Look

Shoes give the finishing touch. If you are not wearing appropriate shoes according to your dress, it can spoil your appearance. So like your shirt, jeans and tie; your shoes also play a big part in your sophisticated look.

  • Try to wear solid colors
  • Keep your shoes clean
  • Wear easy and comfortable shoes

You can also change your style by following fashion influencers on Instagram and other social sites. It will inspire and introduce you to new creative ideas.


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