While there really is no dress code for most casinos, you surely do not want to look out of place. The last thing you want is to feel weirded out because you look different from the rest of the guests. 

Today, we will show you the top three mistakes to avoid when it comes to dressing in casinos. Now, take note that some casinos have strict dressing rules, especially in the UK. In Nevada, the dress code policy is almost non-existent, but again, you will never know when these policies have changed.

Just Ditch the Headwear

Okay, so you have seen many of your idols playing poker in million-dollar tournaments. They have tinted eyeglasses, hoodies, caps, and fedoras. Naturally, you want to look as awesome as your idol. No, do not do this. Many casinos ban headgear because they have learned their lesson. Headwear is usually a spot for paraphernalia for cheating.

Today, most casinos will not let you in if you have headgear. Perhaps some will allow you to play, but only if you do not wear your cap or shades. Casinos have lots of cameras to spot who among the players wear headgear—a manager will approach you soon and ask you to take it off.

So, how come poker players are allowed to do it in tournaments? They are allowed to do this because they are professionals. The headgear they bring are inspected—all of these are accepted by the game coordinator or organizer, and this is why these players can wear what they want.

In short, these people are special. Not all of us are. If you are just a casual player who gets inside with a headgear, chances are you will not enjoy the night. Do not even bother raising an argument. The moment you do this is possibly the moment they kick you out.

Overdressing or Underdressing

Las Vegas is probably the only place in the world where you can dress the way you want inside a casino. You can wear shorts and flip-flops if you want, and you can still have a great night.

The problem with being underdressed is if you are surrounded by people who prepared for the night—there may be a huge party, and these party goers are dressed at their best. If you are wearing something that is rather homey, how are you going to blend? On the other hand, you may be overdressed, and people will start whispering about you—that you are a James Bond wannabe.  

So, what should you wear?

The trick here is to wear something that we call smart casual. For males, wear pants, closed shoes, and a jacket or suit. This should be good enough to help you blend. No one will notice for your extravagance or lack of respect for the casino and its other guests.

For females, wear a dress. Open-toed shoes are also great. Get some jewellery on. Balance the casual and smart casual look, and do not overdo it unless you are attending a formal event.

The key here is that you dress in a presentable manner. Of course, anyone can always debate what is presentable or not. The thing is, you are not on control of the casino’s dress code. So just stay on the safe side.

Unaware of the Actual Dress Code

Some casinos host parties, and while special people get invited, you don’t. Nevertheless, we now live in the information age. You cannot really say that you were not informed. Some casinos have theme nights. If you go to the casino during that party, it’s better to be well-dressed.

Here are some examples of casinos themes:

  • Corporate casino events – these events are hosted by corporations which you are a part of. Most of these are semi-formal to formal, and you need to get dressed. There will be no overdressing here, especially if your company announced that the dress code is formal. Do not attempt to dress differently on this occasion—people will take photos, and you are the odd one out.
  • Fundraiser night – during this night, rich people come together to raise funds either for charity or for political campaigns. This event is formal, and this is where you really need to wear a coat and tie—or a bow. In events like this, you will get to meet rich and affluent people. You do not want to be singled out as a person who is dirt-cheap—remember, first impressions last.
  • Mardi Gras – we all know what this event is. It is still formal, but you should not forget to bring your eye cover. Mardi Gras is rather a ball, so people would expect you to wear glittering gowns and glittering jewellery. Beads are an important part of the celebration, so wear one.  
  • Monte Carlo – this is a celebration of the inauguration of royalties. It is in an event like this that you should be prim and proper, like James Bond. If you are attending an event like this, you need to look smart. Smart casual attire will not cut it. You have to look sleek.

What to Wear for Smart Casual

Earlier, we touched on the subject of earing smart-casual dresses. If you are going to the casino just to play and not attend a part, you should at least have an idea of what to wear.

Here are our recommendations for men:

  • Khaki pants – if you do not want to look too formal and yet you want to look smart, you have to wear khaki pants. It is a versatile colour that is going to match a lot of shirts. Khaki is your best option for smart casual attire.
  • Jeans – yes, you can wear blue jeans. However, do not wear jeans that are ripped. Some casinos do not allow this. What you wear says so much about your attitude, so you cannot blame the guards if they will not let you in in ripped jeans.
  • Loafers – instead of earing formal shoes, you can wear loafers. This is better than rubber shoes, and rubber shoes are mostly worn by teenagers. Really, rubber shoes and sneakers have no place in a casino.

Besides, this kind of shoes is a slip-on—you do not need to tie it, and it is not heavy on the feet. The last thing you want in a casino is to have tired feet—tired body cans sometimes lead to a bad decision. Do not forget to wear socks.  

  • Buttoned shirt – please do not wear T-shirts in a casino. You do not want to look like a teenage kid who is out of place. Wear a classic buttoned shirt at all times. Even if it is plain or printed—it does not matter. Tuck that shirt in.

Now, here are our recommendations for ladies:

  • Dress – your dress does not have to be an evening gown that you see in beauty pageants. A cocktail dress should suffice. Many women believe that they have to wear something that is revealing. This is not true. A sleeveless dress should be fine, but your dress does not have to be too short. In fact, some casinos frown upon too much skin.  

What colour should you wear? You can never go wrong with black and red—these are the perfect colours. But make sure you wear jewellery, and that you look elegant, or others may think you are a casino employee.

  • Jacket and outerwear – you can use a scarf to cover up your skin. If you are not earing something too formal, you can always use a coat to cover yourself up. Casinos can get cold, or there could be too many people. The last thing you want is to be stared at. Get a scarf and a cardigan handy all the time.
  • Stiletto – this is by far the perfect shoes of all. Make sure it is not too high because the last thing you want is to walk around in these shoes. If you can match your simple dress with flat shoes, do it. You want to walk around and enjoy, not just site down on one table.  


Casinos are fun. You only need to dress decently, so you do not become the odd one out—worst, get kicked out or be refused entry. Always refer to our guide if you should ever visit a casino. Remember, it is not like we go to casinos every day. We only go to casinos a few times a year in our lives, and what we want is to have a good time.  

If you do not have the dresses we recommend, start buying them now. But in the meantime, why not enjoy free casino games no download on your compute or mobile device? We have hundreds of free games that you can access online, and they are all free. You do not need to register, and you do not need to download them. You only have to register for an online casino account if you want to wager real money. Best of all? No dress codes!