Modern times have witnessed the advancement in diverse sectors and industries, including technology and fashion. Newer trends and innovative designs and creations make their way into existence and the market open to the general public. 

For fashion statements and associated trends, the improvement and creativity in engagement rings have not fallen behind any of its peers in any manner. Almost every day, better and more attractive designs reach the ring market and the interested individuals.

In 2021, numerous engagement rings people got crazed about them. Nonetheless, a few managed to get above the rest and set the trends for the year. Let us see what they are.  

Rings Crafted with Personal Information

The new variants of engagement rings came up with the idea of having the personal details of their significant other embedded in the rings. This addition made them more romantic. The information can consist of their names, initials, quotes, promises, hidden messages, or even dates meaningful to one another. 

The details generally get added to the inner side of the ring band. Overall, they depict and deliver love and promise. They also symbolize lifelong ownership and partnership with the beloved individual. 

This type of modern engagement ring is rapidly taking over the simplistic and traditional ones.

Rings with Varying Band Styles 

These days, different and diverse styles of ring bands are overwhelming the fame of a single gemstone-embedded ring. The former can serve as and are suitable for both engagements and wedding ceremonies. They have multiple benefits over the traditional ones, such as the ease of cleaning and sanitization and endurance to washing and scratches. 

Compared to gemstone rings, rings with bands can have numerous types, varieties, and designs. They can be thick, thin, spiraled, and with different widths. They can twist and coil around the finger multiple times or have blocks joined with one another. Gemstones can come as an addition to them. Moissanite engagement rings provide options for such rings that can cater to the needs and preferences of different individuals. 

Rings with a Modern Twist to the Classic Style

Some orthodox people may be reluctant to part with the conventional style that engagement rings usually follow. However, they may also want to roll with the trend. The perfect solution to end the dilemma of such people is the rings that add a modern feel and element to the traditional ones. 

These rings come with contemporary and prevailing stone cuts, carvings, designs, and colors that enhance or highlight the classical aspects. They primarily work with three stone rings or solitaires. 

Rings with a Vintage Style

Victorian flair with the touch of avant-garde design led to the creation of vintage engagement rings. These rings, having an heirloom-type look, come with intricate details. They may give off a beaded or metal wire feel on touch. 

These rings bring out an antique feeling with a glamorous and everlasting profoundness. They generally have white or silver stones and bands but may also come with blue, green, and yellow gems. 

Rings with Emeralds and Blue Gemstones

In contrast to the previous trends, engagement rings with blue and green gemstones are getting greater recognition in 2021. Opposing a plain and monochromatic look, these colorful stones of varying hues give a more down-to-earth but magical feel to both the wearer and the admirers.