For the past 25 years or so, the way people view fashion has been on runways at fashion shows in London, Milan, and Paris. But fashion has changed in recent years. People still flock to fashion shows to see the latest designs for the season, however, a younger crowd of designers are getting their brands out there by taking a different path. Streetwear is the latest trend among younger, hip fashion enthusiasts.

Brands like Fear of God and Off White are attracting the attention of the younger 20s to 30s crowd with their bold styles and comfortable classics. Modvisor, a website that groups fashion brands so that visitors can find similar stores for brands they love already, makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Here is a little information about Modvisor, as well as the top 10 trending street fashion brands of 2020.

About Modvisor

Modvisor is the place to find fashion brands and stores similar to the stores you love now. It has over 1,600 fashion brands and stores worldwide. You can find the styles and looks you want and a short review about the store, including price range measured in $ and a shortlist of the type of clothes it carries such as Tees, hoodies, shoes, handbags, and etc.

People like to look at reviews of stores before they decide to shop because no one likes to be disappointed. If the store has a positive rating and attractive styles it is more likely that the visitor will shop. Having all of these similar fashion brands together makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and within your budget as well. Modvisor is the go-to online shopping resource for 2020. In addition to 1600 fashion brands, you can find similar stores, coupon codes, and a wealth of information about the brands. It’s like having all the stores you’ve ever wanted to shop at all in one place.

So how does this type of shopping work? Well, you can search for brands by name or choose from one of the categories listed under “Trending” such as Boutique, Streetwear, Designer, Contemporary, and Sexy.  When you have a brand just click their link to see more information. You’ll find pricing, clothing type, images, coupons, an “Ask the Community” section, and a lengthy listing of similar brands all at the fingertips. An Editor’s Review and What’s Trending report offers even more information on things like jewelry, streetwear, plus size fashions and cute kid’s clothes.

Now that you know a little about Modvisor and how it works, here are some of the most popular brands that people are searching for now. Brands like Off White and Fear of God are very popular for consumers looking for unique streetwear styles.

Top 10 Trending Street Fashion Brands of 2020

Fear of God

Fear of God is a mixture of the contemporary 90’s grunge and urban styles. They make clothing for men and women in bold styles that let you be you. Fear of God likes to combine styles to help their customers find their own sense of style. Clothing ranges from sneakers, jackets, distressed denim, footwear, and more. Shop from the best in contemporary streetwear for men and women at prices that can get as high as  $1000. Similar stores to Fear of God are Barney’s of New York, John Elliot, Kith, and MNML.

Off White

Off-White is an Italian fashion label created by American director Virgil Abloh who aims to define the grey area between black and white (distinctions). This popular brand embraces the ‘now’ in a sophisticated manner with men and women’s collections rooted in culture with trendy designs and attractive styles.


Kith is an NYC-based sneaker store turned brand selling multi-functional clothing for men, women, and the footwear influencer who love streetwear. Here you’ll find tees, hoodies, active wear, leather pants, and footwear. They have just about everything you could want in your wardrobe at prices ranging from $120 up to $3,000. Similar stores include Yeezy Supply, Sneakersnstuff, and End Clothing, plus more stores similar to Kith.


MNML is a Los Angeles-based streetwear brand that offers simplicity and classic styles. Their collection includes tees, denim, tracksuits, jackets, belts, and plaid shirts for men. Their style is modern and comfortable and moderately priced at around $65. The style reflects the music vibe of Los Angeles. Similar stores include Fear of God, Kith, and Pacsun.


Undefeated is a streetwear brand offering trendy styles for men and women. Undefeated takes inspiration from brands like Nike, Adidas and Vans when creating their signature styles. They carry sneakers, hats, pants, jackets, printed shirts, and accessories at a price range of up to $120. Similar stores include Stadium Goods, Bodega, and Kith.


Supreme is a clothing brand for men that combines skate styles and art to create a clothing line that appeals to the unconventional athletic types. It’s focused on skating, music, and youth culture. You’ll find activewear, hoodies, accessories and more. Similar stores include End Clothing, Yeezy Supply, and Kith.

Yeezy Supply

Yeezy Supply is a trendy streetwear brand founded by rapper Kanye West that caters to both men and women. You’ll find basic tees, pants, shoes, and other accessories. This brand is casual and contemporary with exclusive ready to wear pieces at a $200 price range. Similar stores are Kith, Fight Club, and Sneakernstuff.


Volcom is a young, vibrant lifestyle brand. It caters to men, women, and teens. The styles are fun and comfortable, with a range of sizes including Plus Size. It has been the favorite of skateboarders, snowboarders, surfers, and hikers since 1991. Similar stores include Hurley, Billabong, RCVA, Tilley’s, and Quicksilver.

Tres Bien

This streetwear brand is from Sweden and has a different culture altogether. Their styles are classic and modern and don’t focus on seasons, but can be worn any time of year for a stylish look. Popular items are Graphic tees, sneakers, boots, activewear, coats, and wallets. Similar stores are Slam Jam Socialism, Norse Store, and Haven.


43einhalb carries tees, sneakers, beanies, activewear, and accessories from brands like Jordan and Yeezy Supply. The style is stylish and casual with bold colors and moderately priced around $45. Similar stores include Slam Jam Socialism, Overkill,  Afew, and Foot District.

Modvisor is your one-stop-shop for all types of streetwear. Find your favorites and similar stores to round out your shopping experience. It’s like browsing through the largest online shopping mall.