Influencer marketing has taken shape as a viable marketing strategy for fashion brands of all sizes. According to Business Insider, brands will spend in excess of $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. And when it comes to fashion, social media influencers are a must.

One would think that celebrity influencers and mega-influencers are the top choice for fashion brands looking to gain a competitive edge via influencer marketing. However, many brands, including top brands like Nike, Forever 21, Coca-Cola, etc. are partnering with micro-influencers instead.

Here’s an example of how Forever 21 utilizes the power of micro-influencers from @labelswithlattes . . . 

Why? Micro-influencers have followers more loyal, and far more engaged than celebrity influencers and mega-influencers. In fact, the engagement rate of micro-influencers and nano-influencers (influencers with less than 10,000 followers) is higher on average than any other influencer segment:

When it comes to social media influencers, Instagram influencers are #1 among all other influencers, especially within the fashion space. And Instagram influencers know how to make money on Instagram via sponsored posts from fashion brands.

Let’s take a closer look at 16 fashion micro-influencers making waves on Instagram that you’ve probably never heard of.

1. The Curvy Fashionista @mariedenee

This Instagram fashion micro-influencer has grown her following by simply being herself while staying fashionable. The curvy influencer is not a trend. There are a ton of curvy influencers setting the record straight in the fashion and beauty industry. With 60,000 Instagram followers and other social media profiles, this micro-influencer is doing curvy fashion to perfection.

2. Arianne Witt @lola_jagger

This Instagram fashion micro-influencer has nearly 30,000 followers and a flare for the natural. Even the lighting in her images speaks to the creative measures this micro-influencer envisions. There is also a touch of sustainability. The above post pairs sustainable lodging with sustainable eco-friendly clothing from KITX, a sustainable fashion brand in Australia. This Instagram fashionista has also worked with ECCO, COS, Versace, and other global brands.

3. Alli Schapel @blackarrowblog

With 40,000 followers, this Instagram fashion micro-influencer has landed some pretty impressive brand sponsorship deals. From Zara to Cluse watches, @blackarrowblog is taking fashion to an affordable luxury level. There is also a travel niche added to this micro-influencers posts, showing off her love for fashion, as well as her passion for travel.

4. Charlotte Betts @charlotteabetts

Fashion for moms is made easy via this Instagram fashion micro-influencer. This influencer knows how to pair fashionista styles, from playtime with the kiddos to out and about town. This mom-inspired fashion micro-influencer has 4,500 plus followers and has shown off top brand fashion from Target, Essence, Supermom, and more. Highlighting mom fashion has never been so easy with influencers like @charlotteabetts.

5. Nora @nrahmichelle

With 21,000 Instagram followers, this fashion micro-influencer is worth checking out. Nora combines clean, sleek fashion with a touch of beauty and lifestyle. Her posts are as sleek as her sense of fashion. Each post highlights an ensemble of apparel from brands like Beats, Glassons, Status Anxiety, Remington, and more. Fashion and beauty brands can find an engaging way to reach target audiences via this fashion micro-influencer.

6. Liza Chloe @lizachloe

From Paris, France, this Instagram fashionista has created quite a bit of influence. Liza has over 64,000 Instagram followers who want more of her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content. This micro-influencer also posts within the travel niche, showing off her unique style with stunning global backdrops. She has landed sponsorships from top global luxury brands like Chloe, Marie Jo Lingerie, and Bottega Veneta. Liza Chloe is also on her way to motherhood, giving her a future niche to explore with kids fashion brands.

7. Danielle Gray @stylenbeautydoc

You can have fashion and beauty at the same time when following this Instagram fashion micro-influencer from New York. Danielle is an influencer with 56,000 plus followers, and she knows just what her audience wants to hear more about. From fashionistas in town to skin care guru at home, there is a lot to love about this micro-influencer who is on her way to macro-influence.

8. Beck Wadworth @beckwadworth

You definitely don’t need a million followers to land sponsored posts from iconic global brands. Instagram fashion micro-influencer @beckwadworth proves it as she takes fashion and beauty to the road with brand sponsorships from Lexus and HP computers. And fashion isn’t all this micro-influencer with 59,000 followers brings to influencer marketing for brands. She also posts within the travel and fitness niches too. Beck is also an entrepreneur, marketing her An Organised Life brand.

9. Lauren Caruso @laurencaruso_

Lauren Caruso is a fashion editor, creative, and Instagram fashion micro-influencer with content for just about every style. Her posts via her Instagram page @laurencaruso highlights apparel, jewelry, and a bit of lifestyle. She has landed partnerships from brands like Everlane, Bee & Kin, Gap, Marc Jacobs, COS, and other global brands. If you’re looking for a true fashionista, Lauren is worth following, and partnering with if you’re a brand looking to grow their social media influence.

10. Gemaén Jordan Taylor @gemaentaylor

Who said fashion is just for women. This Instagram fashion micro-influencer is all man and he looks good in just about any ensemble. With over 64,000 followers, @gemaentaylor is bringing a new look to his followers with unique styles and luxury wear. And this micro-influencer knows how to get the most engagement from his posts via video content. The video post above netted an insane engagement rate of 5.2 percent. Not to mention this influencer was voted GQ best dressed in 2019. This makes male fashion look good for brands ready to boost influencer marketing campaign ROI.

11. David Lezcano @_thedl

One more male fashionista that combines daily comfort with sleek style is Instagram fashion and lifestyle micro-influencer David Lezcano. From jeans and trending sneakers to classic looking timepieces, this micro-influencer has a lot to offer when it comes to finding a unique, comfortable look. His partnerships with worldwide brands like Skagen watches and jewelry showcases that you can make money with less than 5,000 Instagram followers.

12. Niamh May Middleton @niamhmiddletonx

Straight out of London, this fashion micro-influencer has landed a number of exceptional sponsored posts from brands. And with 66,000 followers, she may not stay a micro-influencer for very long. Her engagement rate per post ranges from 3 percent to an amazing 7 percent. This gives her the metrics brands want to see before partnering with an influencer. From casual day wear to stunning night on the town ensembles, @niamhmiddletonx is an influencer that knows what content her loyal audience wants to see on the regular. She has worked with brands like Glamify, Luxy Boutique, Chi Chi London, Naked Apparel, and more.

13. Jo & Jacqs @sweatandtell

Jo & Jacqs combine lifestyle, fitness, and fashion with their collaboration Instagram page @sweatandtell. These Instagram micro-influencers may not be hyper-focused on fashion, but many of their posts have a flare for lifestyle fashion and fitness fashion their followers love. And with only 55,000 followers, they get some amazing engagement. One of their video posts netted an engagement rate of 56.8 percent!

These micro-influencers have certainly found their niche, creating content that drives more engagement and more followers. They have partnered with a number of brands across multiple industries, such as fitness, health, beauty, and of course fashion.

14. Gabby Sage @gabrielasage

This micro-influencer from San Diego, California has created a presence on Instagram that focuses on slow fashion. From fashion to beauty, @gabrielasage lands sponsorships from brands like Organic Basics, Cuyana, Outdoor Voices, and Parade. And only with 8,700 Instagram followers. Gabby continues to combine creativity with comfortable daily fashion essentials that speak to her growing audience. Influence has never felt so cozy.

15. Em @thelipstickfever

Em created @thelipstickfever to share her minimalist fashion tips and favorite fashion brands. Her style and creative approach has led her to micro-influencer success with over 55,000 Instagram followers. She has partnered with several top brands and boutique brands that compliment her audience’s unique minimalist fashion sense. She also has podcast influence, a new way to approach influencer marketing in 2020.

16. Katrina Rollins @globalmidwife

With only 7,300 plus Instagram followers, Katrina Rollins has turned her Instagram influence into a big time personal brand. And you may have never heard of her before. This Instagram fashion micro-influencer has been featured in Essence and Voyage Miami. She recently landed sponsorships from Walmart and ELOQUII. It goes to show that fashion influencers don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to find great sponsorship opportunities from brands. This influencer’s creativity and truth has made her a budding influencer with nothing but good things ahead.

Fashion Micro-Influencers Are Certainly Gaining Traction With Top Brands

The above fashion micro-influencers are certainly not short on top brand sponsorships. Their follower counts range from under 5,000 followers to 60,000 plus followers, and each is killing it in the fashion niche. As well as other niches like health, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle.

From curvy fashionistas to fitness inspired fashion, the above Instagram micro-influencers you’ve probably never heard of are worth keeping an eye on. Follow them if you are ready to take your personal fashion to the next level. And if you’re a brand, you should bookmark this article and get your influencer marketing campaign ROI maxed out.