Afropunk’s annual festival went down over the weekend, showcasing Black resilience and resistance through fashion, music, and art! Every year, Black festival goers show what punk means to them through their creative outfits, beauty looks, and eccentric hairstyles. We’ve rounded up 10 creative hairstyles from Brooklyn’s 2019 Afropunk festival that we can’t get over!


Antoinette Henry took the typical festival flower crown to the next level with this custom headpiece by YIREKNKYI.


Nothing gets more Afropunk than braids forming the continent of Africa as spotted on Tasha aka @theblackrogue.

Shot by @samm_wilson

Lisa Hurley (@happyhappyphoenix) unlocked her inner Queen status with a custom look by Jen Nollaig!

Shot by @sugarspade

Tushiya aka @naturalettet gave us modern day Joan of Arc vibes with an edgy chainmail look!

Shot by @iamcoreyblack

Ntombi (@ntombimoyo) truly stepped outside the box and gave us a taste of color with a punk hairstyle. This screams Camp!

Shot by @marcus.branch

Mila Koren (@milakoren) showed us how to spice us the bald look by adorning her head in pearls!

Shot by @jeenahmoon

@kazejewelz gave us a taste of true African culture with her flower petal braid hairstyle which was executed and adorned by @ancestralstrands.

Shot by @noraw.jpg

Head wraps can take a look from a 0 to 10, but a festival goer showed us that there is no limit to what you can do with a head wrap. She dressed it up with flowers and tulle for an even more show-stopping style.


@bellelongueur got in touch with her natural, earthy side by adding an array of butterflies to her twists which she put in a bun.

Shot by @phobymo

We’ve been seeing the pom pom ponytails everywhere lately, but never this long and colorful! @theyluv_thakid rocked two ombre colored pom-pom ponytails while attending Afropunk.

Shot by @emilka.jpg

Sarah aka @saraiigabrielle combined two hairstyles into one creative masterpiece which formed a space bun mohawk adorned with silver barrettes.

Shot by @samm_wilson

Assina aka @assina_dreams gave us all kinds of Afrocentric vibes with her look!

Would you rock any of these bold styles?