The popularity of a TikTok account directly depends on many factors. Users’ likes and comments play an important role in video promotion. The more the video shot gets views and the coveted “like”, the higher the popularity of the page will be. That is why the owners of the registered profile are interested in how they can get likes on Tik Tok. In the article I will talk about the intricacies of this process, we will give advice on how to get 1000 likes for free using different methods of boosting likes and comments.

Where to get the first thousand likes for TikTok for free and without cheating

You always have to start somewhere, so the first steps of a tiktoker who wants to get likes and a large army of fans should be:

Sending invitations to all friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of their acquaintances, friends and so on. In TikTok there is no such function as “add to friends”, but you can subscribe to a person, and he will subscribe to you in response, which means the number of people viewing the profile and added videos will increase;

The first video has appeared – let your friends know about it and ask them, if possible, to like the video and write a comment. It is clear that the more hearts, the better for rating and account promotion, this is a sure way to popularity;

If you have profiles on other social networks, be sure to duplicate videos from Tik Tok to other accounts. We try to attract attention to ourselves;

Visit the profiles of friends and competitors with a good rating, leave unusual, interesting comments that make you visit and help you stand out from the general background;

Create videos where friends, animals are in the frame.

Record duets, share life hacks, sing, dance, make up funny jokes, evoke emotions, cause anger, smile, bewilderment. Do everything to surprise and delight, make you laugh.

You can use third-party resources

Naturally, the more followers on tiktok a Tiktoker has, the more likes he will receive. Strive to get the video into the recommendations so that it becomes available to a large audience. To do this, you need like-minded people with whom you can exchange likes and comments.

If you can’t get a lot of subscribers right away, but you already want to get tiktok likes under the video, use the services that offer thieves or free cheat for these cherished “likes”. Among the most popular sites, we highlight:

Tiktokrush is a platform for account promotion. A service that allows you to wind up subscribers, comments and likes even in the thousands. And this, as you know, is the right path to recommendation;

It is enough to replenish your account and order the number of likes you need.

Such services will most often be useful to those who cannot get a lot of subscribers on their own. But most of them are paid. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money, use the tips for getting a free thousand likes.

The top secret to getting likes on TikTok

You still have not received enough likes to get into the recommendations, then we will reveal a few secrets of how you can get them for free without using different cheat services.

We make regular publications. We leave videos that gain more likes, and reshoot not interesting videos, replace them with new high-quality clips;

Pay attention to the videos that are in the recommendation tab. Look through them, notice the authors’ features and do not forget to use them in your home;

Demonstrate in the video what you are talented in, how you can hook the viewer, delight him. You can create humorous scenes, acrobatic acts, cook, teach, even show off;

Do not forget about music, it must be popular, rated;

Let’s come up with a memorable vivid image. It can be created using clothing, unusual makeup, speech, gestures and movements;

Before you shoot a video, be sure to rehearse, perfect what you want to demonstrate to the audience. Only a high-quality video will interest a sophisticated user and make them put the coveted like, which in the end can get as many as 1000.

Hope our advice will help to promote the created views about Tik Tok. Be creative, don’t be lazy, come up with cool tricks and sincere likes from users will be your reward.