You remember the old adage don’t judge a book by its cover, right?  Well scratch that and leap into the new world order where judging a person by their Instagram account is totally the norm.  Now if you’re posting on the ‘Gram just for the fun of it, you can skip this article and head over to the next.  However, if you’re on Instagram to build a brand, particularly a fashion brand, then this is for you.

We are currently living in a society where free advertising is at our fingertips.  With the push of the “post” button, our content has the potential to be seen by thousands of people.  So why not make it good?  Your Instagram account is the introduction to your brand.  It’s the determining factor in whether or not people will take what you’re promoting seriously or keep it moving to the next account.

Working in the virtual industry, we at Fashion Bomb Daily peruse hundreds of Instagram accounts daily.  Some accounts make us lust and question our lives, while others cause us to clutch our pearls in bewilderment.  Being that we are currently living in the era where our social media channels can possibly be the gateway to our success, we’re going to share a few tips that will assist you in getting your Instagram account fashionably popping!  Jump into them below.

1.  Post Clear Pictures!  Example: @daynabolden


You may be thinking “duh” while reading this, but you’d be surprised how many people post blurry pictures.  Blurry pictures not only make your page look low quality, they also clearly say, “I don’t care too much about my brand or someone even seeing this picture.”  To prevent the blur scare, use the sharpen tool on Instagram right before you post.  Or, make sure your pictures are being taken with a high definition camera or even an up-to-date iPhone.

2.  Get that Good Lighting! Example: @ivycoco23


Poor lighting can mess up your entire vibe on a picture.  The better the light, the better your look.  What good is a hot pink jumpsuit if no one can see the true color?

3. Choose Neutral Backgrounds! Example: @layllahstyle


When applicable, choose a neutral background or wall to take your pictures on.  Your red dress will pop much better in a white or gray setting than it would on a multi-colored graffiti wall or in front of your bathroom mirror *insert eye roll emoji*.

4.  Add Some Color To Your Feed!  Example: @jtofashion

Don’t be bashful when it comes to utilizing bright colors.  A canary yellow top posted on your feed will give your page some life and cause anyone to stop on your picture mid scroll.  If you’re an “all black everything” kind of person, choose colorful backgrounds to take your pictures on.

5.  Make Sure Your Feed is Coherent/Consistent!  Example: @blakevond

Nothing makes us itch more than a fashion Instagram page that has pictures of everything else but fashion.  If you’re thing is fashion, show us!  Don’t have one fashion picture on the page and 20 car selfies.  Save your non-fashion pictures for your Instagram stories.  If we come to your page for fashion, we want to see the fashion – not your grandmother’s cat.

6.  Get Your Poses Right!  Example: @kyrzayda_

When taking a picture for Instagram think Naomi Campbell not JC Penny’s portrait studio.  If you’re not comfortable with doing a subtle pose for the camera, have your photographer capture candid, off-guard photos of you.  These always work well for those who are camera shy.

7.  Edit Your Photos!  Example: @emilyvartanian

Once your pictures have been taken, use an editing app like Pic Monkey or Photo Shop to clean up your pictures.  Make the color pop, brighten the photos, and maybe even add a nice filter that’s not too overbearing.

8.  Rock Clothes That Compliment You! Example: @original_mangu

If your legs are your best feature, show them!  Wear clothes that go well with your shape or that make your skin color glow. This enhances your pictures and will definitely make your style standout.

9.  Remix the Trends! Example: @soniquesaturday

Stay abreast of the current fashion trends then add your own touch to them.  Stand out from the crowd.  There’s nothing more interesting than an Instagram page full of original, dope fashion looks.

10. Make it Look Fun!  Example: @missenocha

People are attracted to fun!  Instagram is all about capturing your best moments.  If you’re attending a brunch or pop-up event, look for stylish opportunities to snap it up with your comrades.  There’s something about a group of beautiful, modishly clad people (who appear to be having the time of their lives) that make people hit that like button.

There you have it – ten ways to get your Instagram on point!  Which tips will you be incorporating into your feed?

Samjah Iman