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Meta Description: Plan your wedding, stay fit and have fun using bridal boxes. We will show you the best bridal subscription box in a bit.

We reckon that wedding planning is neither child’s play nor a walk in the park. There are lists to curate, tasks to complete, deadlines to meet, and more. As an unprofessional wedding planner, you’re at risk of overwhelm, confusion, and burnout. This is where bridal boxes come to the rescue.

There are many bridal services out there, but a bride box subscription from miss to Mrs is your best bet. The miss to Mrs Boxwill tide you through the whole planning process of sound work and play. You can get a wedding box gift for yourself as a bride or for your friend getting married. To tell you more, we will outline ten wedding subscription box items that brides love most.

1. Bridal boxes

Bridal boxes from misstomrs are the perfect wedding gift box for a bride. This service offers nine themed boxes that guide the bride from her engagement until the honeymoon. Each bride box teaches her how to plan at every wedding stage using the trendiest means. One miss to Mrs Bridal box contains about six to seven full-sized items valued at over $100. They are of genuine quality, carefully curated for every woman, including mars and Mrs.

The bridal box subscriptions are split into four plans tailored to compliment you at every wedding stage. They include the monthly plan that offers one box per month and the accelerated plan for biweekly boxes. There are also quarterly and extended plans to serve brides who have a longer wedding timeline. Miss to Mrs curated the box with care, incorporating thoughtful items for the bride from beauty to décor and planning essentials. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get on board.

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2. Custom jean jacket

Women cannot get over the personalized jean jacket for abride offered by miss to Mrs Box. And we don’t blame them because what better way to tell the world about your status in style? Made from high-quality pure denim, brides have their names embossed on them. To cap it, the jean jacket featured embroidery and faux pearls, elevating the elegance. Brides can wear them to shop, on a date, and even casual parties without feeling awkward. The best part is that the jackets are relevant way after the wedding.

3. Vow books

Brides preparing for a wedding found vow books in their engagement boxes and fell in love. We all know that vows are heartfelt and sentimental. Yet, it is difficult for many to express themselves, talk more about writing inspiring vows. Ladies and even their spouses got lots of help from the vow books. They either adapted from the book or got the inspiration to write theirs.

4. Planners, tips, and checklists

First-time brides and non-planners need all the guides they can get. The planners, tips, and checklists were right on time to rescue them. With this arsenal at their disposal, they could prioritize and complete tasks at an effective pace. The brides were able to draw realistic timelines and also take time off without drawbacks.

5. Kimono robes

Miss to Mrs Gift box for a wedding contained beautiful, silky kimono robe. It had astounding quality, and its silkiness kissed the skin. The kimono robe was an elegant ensemble for the wedding morning as they prepared. Brides agreed that the kimono robe was practical yet stunning, keeping them comfortable and confident.

6. Décor items

The wedding subscription boxes contained décor items like photo booth props, balloons, Mylar, cake topper, and more. These are materials that brides often forget to buy or don’t prioritize. Yet, they are essential agents that add color to the day. It was a welcome gift for brides who received the boxes because it gave them fewer things to worry about.

7. Beauty essentials

Ah! This one they loved so much. Manicure tools, makeup essentials, spa products, and more were in the box. After all the running around and stress, they couldn’t wait to take time off. What better way to relax than getting pampered? And to heighten the experience, these beauty essentials were available. Think of a girls’ time out or a romantic day at the sap, and you won’t be wrong.

8. Wedding day flats

The wedding day flats are an item that makes almost all brides grateful for miss to Mrs. The wedding is a day full of activities, sanding, moving, dancing, and all of that. Miss to Mrs Wedding flats brought reprieve as the ultimate reception shoes. Change from your heels into the flats shoes and dance all night long. Also, brides can wear it after the wedding because the quality is authentic.

9. Fitness kit

Every bride must make heads turn on her wedding day, and the first step is staying fit. Miss to Mrs Box makes it easier for brides to align their physical and mental health goals. Brides to be will find fitness training plans and water bottles to keep them hydrated. Other fitness items are elastic bands to keep hair in place and more. The good news is that fitness becomes a habit post-wedding.

10. Jewelry

The beautiful gold jewelry serves as a potent reminder of the wedding planning process. And because of its high quality, brides who forgot to buy jewelry can wear it for their special day and beyond.

Bridal boxesfrom miss to Mrs are the dream of every bride that wants a seamless wedding planning process. Check them out, get inspired, and join the train.

Author: Kate Motina
Kate heads the Wedding Forward content department. She’s an expert on wedding showers, honeymoon plans, destination weddings, photography, videos, and themes. Give her a wedding vision and she will give you a perfect wedding plan from her fingertips. She also has her unique articles on the site. She is a health and fitness enthusiast, and she’s crazy about photography!

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