Quick: Think like a thief. If you were to rob anyone, who would it be? Well, there are two kinds of thieves in the world. The first is the smart kind of thief. These are thieves that scope out various houses, usually in high income neighborhoods, and sees who has security and who doesn’t.

But the second is the thrill seeker. The thief that steals not to make money, but to satisfy some emotional craving. This thief is far more dangerous because they are willing to target someone not just despite their security, but because of their security. They can cause a lot of damage.

Somewhere in between the smart thief and the thrill seeker are these ten thieves. They not only plundered the homes of well-known celebrities but got away with it. As a lesson in the importance of security, here is a presentation from Melissa home security by Smith Thompson.

  1. David and Victoria Beckham

This acting couple had their home broken into while they were sleeping. Their bedroom was located on the first floor, while the thief broke in using a ladder to get to a window on the second floor. This is an interesting situation where the thief knew exactly where to enter to avoid people.

The situation was discovered when their son came home from a night out and saw the glass on the floor, then the broken window. The thief was already gone by the time he discovered it all.

  1. Dorit Kemsley

Unfortunately for the Real Housewives starlet, she was actually home when this break-in happened at her home. The thieves were thugs who were not expecting her to be there.

They simply forced a back door in the middle of the day. Most burglaries happen in the middle of the day, in fact, as that is when many people are at work. Being home when a burglar arrives can be one of the worst things that can happen, as it immediately escalates things.

  1. Christine Quinn

While the intruders did not make it into the house itself, this model had a situation with some intruders attempting to force their way into her house at night. They were trying to do a smash-and-grab, deliberately trying to break into her and her husband’s large bedroom window.

The window was triple-plated glass, thwarting the thieves’ attempts to enter it. But it was one of the few windows in the house that was that secure. Again, we see a classic trait of thieves: They knew exactly where to strike but ran the moment an obstacle presented itself.

  1. William Daniels

Most thieves are not very brave. Actor William Daniels found this out when he woke one night to the sound of strange noises coming from his back door. He turned on his lights and they stopped. Little did he know that the sounds were the product of a thief.

Damage to his backyard gate and discarded tools left little mystery to the situation: A thief was trying to force his back door and ran off when the lights came on. In many ways this is a best-case scenario. Better that a thief be scared off by your presence than see it as a threat.

  1. Taylor Swift

While most entries on this list are thieves, it is unsurprising that a few of them would be crazed fans. Taylor Swift had a visit from one such fan at her New York apartment, though she was thankfully not home at the time. He actually broke into the apartment on two occasions.

He used her shower and slept in her bed. This is the definition of a thrill seeker type intruder, as he did not even take anything of value. He broken in for the pure thrill of it.

  1. Shane Dawson

This beauty guru was at home when it happened. There were sounds of banging from multiple windows and doors as the intruder tried to find a weak point. Dawson was able to lock the front door just in time before the intruder go to it. 

Since Dawson lived in a gated community, the intruder had to have jumped the gate or fence in order to even get to the house. This is an intruder that did not show up with a plan, however. He prodded the house for weaknesses rather than attacking a specific point.

  1. Cara Delivingne

This actress and model has suffered two incidents. The first was an intruder sighted on her property’s security cameras. He was actually only noticed the day after he had made his intrusion, which is particularly eerie. As a result, his motives for being there are unknown.

The second was resolved due to intervention by police. A man jumped over the fence of her property and began to make his way towards the house. He was noticed before he made it there, however.

  1. Felix Kjellberg

Better known as “PewDiePie”, his wife Marzia reports that their home was broken into in 2019. The thief took most of their valuables, from jewelry to collectibles. This was at the height of the couple’s fame, meaning that it was very likely a targeted attacked.

  1. Kylie Jenner

As if to prove that no ivory tower is too high for some fans, a stalker not only jumped the fence into the reality star’s gated community, hiked for miles to get to her house, and then arrived at her front door. He was more interested in meeting her than taking anything though.

  1. Harry Styles

Not all break-ins happen in the space of one night. Harry Styles dealt with a homeless man who camped outside his home and trespassed onto his property regularly. Eventually, he had to have a restraining order filed.


Break-ins on celebrity properties are case studies for security experts. They show not just what measures to put in place, but how criminals tend to think. Thankfully, with the right security systems, you can make sure you are safe from such elements.