Your Five Beauty Commandments for the New Year

2012 will be our most beautiful year yet, Bombshells!
But first we must all (leave no fashionista behind) pledge to do the following…

1. Thou shall wear sunscreen every day even if it’s cloudy and even in the winter. Thou shall also not believe the hype that our darker skin tones protect us from the sun. Not only can harmful UVA and UVB rays break down collagen causing premature wrinkles and fine lines, they can also cause skin cancers that for women of color can be more severe than what occurs with our Caucasian counterparts.

And you know those pesky brown spots we’re prone to? They’ll only become more noticeable without proper sun protection. Needless to say, slather (or powder with a mineral sunscreen) up. See 8 Sunscreens That Won’t Make You Ashy.

2. Thou shall not be scared of color. Look folks, we’re like two seconds away from 2012 and if you’re a Black woman still afraid of wearing color on your face, STOOOOOOOOP. We look GREAT in color–and not just the same purples and golds that are almost always pushed our way. Need some ideas? Check out all of this year’s Weekend Makeup Idea posts and try out a few looks.

3. Thou shall wear blush. Sometimes just a simple mention of the word blush makes some women cringe and duck like it’s kryptonite. Perhaps there’s some urban legend out there that claims a woman accidentally put on too much rouge and an evil queen locked her away in a tower forever that has people so shook. Who knows? But read my lips—ok my font—you won’t look like a clown! Blush is your friend—it warms the skin, makes you look more alert and helps bring out your cheekbones which can also help slim the face.

Quick blush rule of thumb: the darker the skin, the brighter the blush. See more in Blush 101.

4. Thou shall have perfect brows. A beautifully manicured brow frames the face, can make you look younger, and makes your eye makeup looks standout. Having them professionally shaped is your best bet, but you can grab some at-home tricks in Beauty Bomb : How to Shape and Care for Eyebrows.

Severely drawn-in and bad-angled brows need not apply. EVER.

5. Thou shall have awesome hair. Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, or you wear wigs or weaves, having a great hairstyle that flatters your face shape makes you look more confident, more stylish, and more vibrant. Thou shall also have hair that complements your fashion style. Need some ideas? Check out the hair tag.

Do we all pledge to these resolutions? Want to add more to the list? See you in the comments section :)


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