Would You Wear Beyoncé’s ‘Ratchet’ Earrings?

Beyoncé took to Instagram earlier today to show off a few of her latest accessories: $150
Matt Bernson Gitanes flats, $425 Maison Martin Margiela knuckle duster rings, and nameplate earrings etched with the word ‘Ratchet’:

One of ratchet’s many definitions in the urban dictionary is, “adj. A term for someone who is 1. A whore 2. dirty/nasty 3. ghetto as hell 4. being annoying 5. busted.”

Beyonce is anything but ratchet, so her sporting them is more facetious than anything else. Bey can rock them to get a few ironic laughs, but does everyone else have that luxury?

Would you wear ratchet earrings?

*If you’re digging her other accessories, get her flats at Piperlime

… and her rings at Saks.



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