Ball players have loads of style! I learned that while cruising the blog, which documents the fashionable turns of professional athletes.
On the first page, I stumbled across a picture of Philadelphia 76ers guard Nick Young aka Swaggy P, who looked quite spiffy in red pants, boat shoes, and the same Balenciaga Spring 2013 shirt Wale wore to a Reebok Classics event a few weeks ago in Miami:
While Nick buttoned his shirt and added a chain, Wale kept his look subdued in black pants and an unbuttoned shirt.
The shirt was modeled on the runway similar to Wale’s iteration, with a coat thrown over.
balenciaga spring 2013 floral print shirt men
I’m not so into sports, and just learned about Nick Young today, but he looks fly! Love the bold embrace of colors, and his willingness to step outside of the typical sartorial box.
What do you think?

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