Who Wore It Better? Rita Ora vs. Rihanna in Christian Louboutin’s Seann Girl Thigh High Boots

Rita Ora was spotted at the Scotch of St. James Club in London in a look that combined her sporty aesthetic with leather and high-fashion accessories. For her night out, she wore the same $3,795 Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots Rihanna was seen in incessantly back in February.

While Rita paired hers with a cropped, strong-shoulder bomber jacket, a baseball jersey-style dress, and a bold red Birkin, Rihanna wore hers with studded shorts and a $629 Stella McCartney Colour Play Striped Knit Pullover.

The thigh high boots are both fashionable and functional, boasting cell phone pockets, credit card slots, buckles at the knee, and 3.5″ heels.

These boots are hot! Not sure that either ensemble is really my cup of tea, though I do like Rita’s better only because the pairing seems to make a bit more sense.

What do you think? Who wore ’em better?

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