Who Wore it Better? Kanye West vs. Rihanna in Kokon to Zai (KTZ) Men’s Spring 2013 Multicolored Patch Jogging Trousers

Guys borrow for the girls, girls borrow from the guys…it’s fashion, so why not, right?
Rihanna appeared at the Lakers vs. Clippers game over the weekend in the same Kokon to Zai KTZ Men’s Spring 2013 jogging pants Kanye West wore to the Versace SoHo Store Opening in NYC:
While Kanye downplayed the bottom’s ‘loud’ aesthetic by pairing them with a black top, black leather jacket, and Air Yeezy’s, Rihanna pushed the theme to the limit in a $146 Kokon to Zai Embroidery Patched Vest, a backwards cap, Balmain striped clutch, Céline choker, and white Christian Louboutin pumps.
The brightly hued trousers come equipped with several symbols, including a pentagon and goat head.
Let’s be honest: these pants would be hard for anyone to pull off. If I had to choose, I might have to go with Kanye. I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about Rihanna’s get up.
What do you think?



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