What to Wear If You’re a Part of a TV Show Studio Audience

Kendra wrote in recently saying, “I’m going to be in the audience of the “Wendy Williams” show and need some ideas on What to Wear. Can you help?”
Hey Kendra! How you Doin’? The general rule for a studio audience is to dress business casual, so slip on a few items you’d wear for a day at work when you have a big meeting. You’ll want to wear a bright color that pops up so that your friends watching you at home can find you in the crowd. Stay away from white or beige, as they can wash you out and make you look more drab than fab:

For this What to Wear, we paired a popping purple top with a classic pencil skirt and eye catching leopard print shoes. For added drama, we accented the look with a statement necklace, then brought it all back with stud earrings. Wear what you like as outerwear, but I loved this Topshop trench with a cinched waist and pleated hem. Some shows take away things like cell phones and cameras so you don’t film or take pictures during a shoot. Save yourself the trouble by just stashing the very essentials in a compact bag. Get the items here:

Shift dresses and nice slacks are totally acceptable as well, as long as you look vibrant yet sophisticated.
Have fun!


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