Hey Guys!

So as I was getting our Friday Mail Bombs ready, I received a call from a fashionable friend inviting me to a Cerutti show at Palais de Tokyo. I was not ready at all, but threw on a comfy sweater dress and made my way there.  After a bit of delay on the way in, we settled into our seats…and within minutes I spied Don C, one of Kanye’s right hand men, and knew the man himself was in the building. Once I saw Kanye and Amber, I of course had to slide on by and say hi…

Yep, there was a bit of smoke, but the cute couple happily obliged. They looked chic in all black with Kanye in a velvet blazer, jeans, and chunky scarf and Amber in a droolworthy Rick Owens leather jacket and her signature specs.

After our Kodak moment, I took a twitpic, then decided to leave ’em alone. On the way out, Amber opened up her jacket to reveal a…revealing dress:

Hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right?

What do you think?

In sum, Bombers, my bad for not posting Mail Bombs today, but I was preoccupied. If you want to get the blow by blow, I’ve got my Iphone with me and am tweeting at every turn. Follow me at www.twitter.com/thefashionbomb.



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