Wendy Williams Owes Over $400,000 to Chinese Shoe Making Factory

As a line on Fashionista reads, “Wendy Williams, how you doin’? Not very well, it seems.”

According to the New York Daily News Wendy Williams, owes $419,000 to the Chinese factory responsible for manufacturing her shoe line. Williams’s financial negligence has apparently resulted in kidnapping and protests.

The TV personality along with husband Kevin Hunter originally made a deal with Chinese manufacturing firm Max Harvest International Holdings to create shoes for her line “Adorn” sometime last year. To date, the company has produced 12,140 shoes for Wendy Williams’s label, and has not yet been adequately paid. The workers have now staged protests against the firm and Williams.

As for the kidnapping allegations, “the factory’s owner actually kidnapped one of the manufacturing firm’s managers, holding him hostage for two weeks before finally releasing him unharmed. Now, the manufacturing firm’s owners, who wish to remain unidentified, have fled Hong Kong in fear of further altercations.”

According to Wendy’s lawyer, Staci Riordan, the star has not paid up because, “Things don’t work in China the way they work in the United States.” She has been in negotiations for months and intends to file a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court if an agreement cannot be reached.

Uh-oh! Let’s hope this all ends well.

What do you make of this whole debacle?


Source: Fashionista

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