Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett, and More!

Happy Monday!!!

What did you guys do all weekend?

The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards hit on Saturday. Not even gonna lie—I totally still watch Nickelodeon though I’m *ahem* slightly over teen-aged. Shoot—the programming is really good…lol.

Anyway, let’s get into this…

Will Smith hosted the festivities over at the KCAs. See, men have that unfair thing where they tend to look more handsome as they age (P.S. it’s totally because the constant exfoliation from shaving that keeps them looking younger than us), but Will looks like he may or may not need a glycolic peel and a latte. Totally not feeling the outfit—you can exude youthfulness without looking like an overgrown kid. Will’s over there looking like a forgotten artist who then shows up on TV One’s “Life After.”

And Cee-Lo, your arms are too short to box with God.

Of course the rest of the Smith clan was in the building. Jada looks gooood—giving us Lena from “A Different World” realness. That pink jumpsuit is the perfect color for her golden complexion. Willow looks ADORBS in her cotton candy hair (awww—she matches her mommy’s outfit), but uh, Jaden…what IS good with this sour puss look in every photo? (I’m cracking up because one of you guys commented on a post a few weeks ago telling me to google Jaden and I’ll see he always makes this face…lol). Look here little boy, you may have slayed “The Karate Kid“, but you better wipe that silly look off your face. You ain’t Zoolander!

I mean, does it even make sense to Hot! or Hmm… a Nicki Minaj outfit any more? We know she’s going to wear something over the top to match her equally up there personality so do we need to discuss? *shrugs* Nice makeup though—but her makeup always looks nice…lol.

“The Hunger Games” star Amandla Steinberg showed up looking completely sweet and angelic seemingly telling racist Hunger Games fans who clearly have reading comprehension problems that their rants won’t stop no show. I adored her in “Colombiana” and even more as Rue (wasn’t she totally born to play Rue?).

Loving that the teen sported an age-appropriate yet funky little black dress with gold applique. And I think my heart just skipped another beat at the fact that she’s wearing flats. LOVE. THIS. GIRL.

First Lady Michelle Obama also attended looking ravishingly beautiful. Sometimes I still get a little teary eyed that we have a Black family in the White House even after all this time.

She rocked this dressed-down yet still presidential houndstooth Wes Gordon Metallic Houndstooth Mesh Embroidered Jacket and gunmetal skinny jean outfit.

Actress Tanya Chisholm looked hot in side-swept curls and a red lip…

…but I have to admit I frowned at both the wrinkled bottom of her dress and those peep toe pumps. I like grey with a pop of cobalt blue, but those shoes look a little…*sigh* cheap. Sowwy. Still a hot chick though.

I LOVE Selena Gomez‘s outfit…if it were on say 40-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. Such a pretty girl, but hints of cleavage and midriff at a Nickelodeon event? Meh. Maybe I’m just REALLY old school.

This little Rachel Crow sure loves to smile, doesn’t she? The cute as a button soon-to-be TV star wore the ubiquitous teen on the red carpet tutu and motorcycle jacket look—but it works for her. I LIVE for her little side swept pouf of curls.

So good to see Nick Cannon healthy and out and about. He’s rocking a youthful, on-the-verge of being teeny-bopper look, sure, but it works on him.

Ludacris hit the orange carpet with his favorite girls. I just want to run in and pinch everyone’s cheeks in this pic (okay and borrow their sneakers). Can you imagine being that young and going to such a big event with your own dad? Awww…

I’m on the fence with whether or not I think Keke Palmer‘s mesh top with peek-a-boo pink tank outfit is appropriate for the occasion. Nothing’s hanging out, she still looks like the sweetie pie she is, but I don’t know…you guys weigh in. I do love her hair and makeup though.

Don’t you want to take little China Anne McClain and put her on top of a cake? She’s like a little fairy, isn’t she? Her tan leather blazer and white jeans look is pretty stylish—in fact, I’d wear it…lol.

Then over in Vegas…

Ne-Yo hit Michael Jordan’s event at Aria. The singer looks dapper from head to toe! I bet that hat is from his own line at Sak’s.

Rapper Tyga hit Lavo over the weekend. Something about guys with neck tattoos intrigues me—like how did you sit long enough to have such an intricate design inked on such a thin part of your body? Nonetheless, I dig his get-up minus the tattered jeans.

And finally, former Destiny’s Child members LeToya Luckett and Michelle Williams attended the 6th Annual Minority Mentorship Symposium in Texas. Can’t even begin to articulate how good it is to see both of these ladies together, looking FLY, AND it’s all for a good cause. HOT!

That rounds it out, folks! What do you think of this weekend’s round up?


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