Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…

Happy Lunes, chicas! It was a scorcher (considerably) this past weekend here in NYC. I spent most of the time plotting on ways to get my slum lord to kick on the AC ahead of schedule this year, but our favorite celebs were busy being out and about. Let’s take a look at their hair and makeup, shall we? Yes, lets!

First up we have First Lady Michelle Obama (and her face in this pic is the exact same face I make every time for the millionth and a half time I realize there’s a Black First Lady) who graciously hosted the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner with her hubby President Obama and the White House staff over the weekend. Lady O’s hair was coiffed into a sleek bob (most likely fashioned by hairstylist Johnny Wright) and her makeup featured flawless skin, a slight smoky eye, peachy cheeks, and nude lips. Hot!

Actress and recent host of Saturday Night Live Gabourey Sidibe was also spotted at the White House this weekend. Her seemingly sweet personality could not in the least make up for this super greasy makeup and haphazard wig. No ma’am. I’m dishing out a lifetime supply of MAC Blot Powder and a 2 year membership to the Beyoncè and Tina Knowles Wig Crypt Foundation. And O-M-G Gabby! What’s that stain on the front of your dress? Hmm…

Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks was seen hosting an event at LAVO Nightclub in Las Vegas. I love her smoky eye and reddish-brown lips (although the lips say fall/winter more than spring/summer), but the hair looks a bit costumey. Like an extra from the Kanye West Gold Digger video. Hot! for the makeup. Hmm… for the hair.

I’m not hating, but I’m just saying I’m not sure how Kim Kardashian got an invite to the White House party this weekend. She looked gorgeous though with her bright red lip and black eyeliner worn with slicked back hair. I still give it all a Hot! although I could have done with less lashes and less foundation.

And over in NYC, actress and hot momma Jessica Alba was spotted at an event for the Tribeca Film Festival. She rocked a super pretty emerald green eye makeup look and paired it with rosy lips and tousled hair. Hot!

Queen Latifah also made it out to the White House this past weekend. The Cover Girl Queen wore gorgeous neutral makeup paired with peachy cheeks and soft, loose ringlets. Hot!

And last but not least, actress Megan Good was spotted leaving Bar 210 in Beverly Hills last Friday. While I find the cutie normally wears way too much makeup (even for a makeup lover like me), her look here is super Hot!

What do you think of this past weekend’s lineup? And what did YOU do this weekend?


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