Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Rihanna, Zoe Saldana, Ameriie, and More!

Happy Monday!

So who watched the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding?


Haha–I didn’t get all into the hoopla, but saw a video online and Kim looked gorgeous as expected—makeup and hair were definitely on point. You can see for yourself if you wish here.

Over in the UK though, resident fly girl Rihanna was out touring and what not.

I actually thought this was Tyra Banks at first glance. Love the hair and makeup. Unrelated, Rih needs to hand over that yellow coat. Asapington.

She also hit the stage in this gorgeous blue and green smoky eye. Work it, Rihanna!

Then over in Atlanta…

Cute as a button Malinda Williams posed for the cameras while at the opening of the Green Room Lounge. Love the hair and simple makeup!

LaVita Alize JenkinsTerri J Vaughn also hit up the event and radiated with a red-orange blush and pixie cut. Jasmine Guy was also there and uh—oh, Whitley. And to think Biggie once said “Jasmine Guy is fly, Mariah Carey’s kinda scary…”.

Ameriie hit up the Celebrity Poker Tournament this weekend. The newly wed looks flawless–I LOVE EVERYTHING. Hot!

Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes performed at the V Festival in Chelmsford. Despite her animated set, she still managed to take out a great pic. I see them brows all perfectly arched, Shingai! You’re working that pop of green liner, too ;)

And finally Zoe Saldana posed with cutie Columbus Short at an event at Philippe Chow in Los Angeles. I like her brown smoky eye, but something about her seems sleepy. Welp. She is in a movie every other week. Get that paper, Zoe!

That rounds it out! What did you think of this weekend’s looks?

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