Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Jennifer Hudson, and More!

It’s the top of the week yet again, Bombshells! Hope you all had fabulous weekends!

I’m still in Georgia due to the “winter storm”, but prior to the snowfall I got to hang out with some really cool ladies who also blog (see a recap here), got a fabulous sugar manicure at Polished Beauty Lounge in Smyrna, did a quick thrifting trip at The Lucky Exchange, then headed back to the boondocks where my family lives.

Celebs were out doing fabulous things like promoting their new videos, new TV shows, and new hair. Let’s take a look at the hair and makeup, shall we?

Yes, we shall!

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj were photographed on the set of their new joint video “Fly”. I am on definitely on board with Rihanna’s new longer red hair with deep burgundy low lights. Her makeup is also very much on point (that purple eyeshadow makes her eye really pop). HOT!

Nicki looks cute in her green glitter liner and Barbie pink lip (likely her infamous Pink Friday collaboration with MAC). While the lashes aren’t exactly the first thing an everyday girl like us would pick up, they work for the animated rapper. HOT!

Then a slew of celebs were out for the 2011 Winter TCA Tour to talk about their new TV shows (and networks).

Tia Mowry was there with the rest of “The Game” cast. Words cannot express how happy I am that “The Game” is coming back on air as well as a host of other Black shows. I’ve missed scripted Black shows so much that I watch episodes of “Martin”, “Living Single”, “The Cosby Show”, etc. repeatedly.

Anyway, Tia looks lovely. I like the curls but since she has such a baby face, I think I like edgier cuts to contrast. Still hot though.

Wendy Raquel Robinson just gets better with age. She was banging back in the 90s on “The Steve Harvey Show” and has such a gorgeous glow and hotness about her now.

Creator of “The Game” and “Girlfriends”, Mara Brock Akil, was also at the Winter TCA. Mara’s skin is like the smoothest I’ve ever seen! And do you see those perfect teeth? And her shiny hair? *sigh* so HOT!

Queen Latifah, executive producer for the new BET show “Let’s Stay Together”, the network’s first scripted program. The CoverGirl looked great in her neutral makeup paired with saucy red lips and slicked back ponytail. Hot!

Lady O Oprah Winfrey was definitely in the building promoting her OWN network. She worked her usually thick head of lustrous locks and beat face. Hot!

Rounding out the Winter TCA Tour is actress Erica Hubbard who will star in Queen Latifah’s “Let’s Stay Together” show. I know her from her work as “Cassie” on ABC Family’s Lincoln Heights where she played a fresh faced teen (while in her late 20s). Perhaps it’s that image she was trying to break away from and caused her (or her team) to choose this hair and eyebrow combo. The look ages the star who normally looks like this

Rapper Trina was looking gorgeous in this Twitpic snapped by her pal and fellow rapper Ludacris. She was helping promote his new liquor line. Love the hair and makeup. HOT!

Business mogul Angela Simmons was also spotted in a Twitpic. One half of Pastry showed off her new blond ‘do. I think the blond suites her. I’d love to see how she wears it out with her outfits.

Singer Toni Braxton was out doing publicity for her new reality show that also stars her family (remember the 90s group her sisters were in?). I am normally signed up for whatever look Ms. Braxton is rocking but I cannot sign for this wig. It overpowers her gorgeous face. Hmm… I love the makeup though.

And finally Jennifer Hudson was seen out at the Gem Awards this weekend. The singer is literally glowing—like she has a GE building inside of her or something. Her makeup and hair are just gorgeous. Go ‘head Ms. Hudson.

That wraps it up, folks. What did you think of this weekend’s looks?
Images via TheYBF.com and Getty Images

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