Weekend Beauty Hot! or Hmm…: Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Kerry Washington, and More at The 2011 BET Awards

Happy Monday!

The 2011 BET Awards went down last night and I totally missed it trying to catch every last second of this weekend outside. But from the looks of things—well, you’ll see for yourselves because girl

Nicki Minaj‘s facial expression in this pic is the same exact one I had on my face when I noticed she was wearing blue contacts. Chile, I can’t take colored contacts. And this Ramona Quimby Age 8 hair though.

Toni Braxton has one of my favorite voices and the woman is sooo drop dead gorgeous. I love the honey brown hair and her makeup looks great, too. Not sure why she decided to go with auburn brows though. Darken the brows and Toni has another hit look.

BET Ultimate Fan winner Tiffany Greene rocked the red carpet in glowing skin paired with minimal makeup and soft pink lip gloss. I’m digging the side bun (which you can’t really see in the pic) and I’m totally going to ignore that enlarged Barbie necklace.

Shaun Robinson is such a beautiful woman—her makeup is perfectly applied and is perfect for summer. But girl, this hair hat? Hmm…

Wait…was there a 2-for-1 sale on hair hats? It’s like when bad wigs happen to good people, but also like Groundhog’s Day because this seems to always happen to Kelly Rowland. Kelly, WHYYYYYYYYY? You’re so much better than this.

Michelle Williams on the other hand is rocking a perfectly coiffed head of hair. Makeup looks good, too. Hot!

I just don’t get Meagan Good‘s love of such full coverage foundation when it appears as if she has pretty nice skin. The waxy finish of her face and the dramatic brows age the young star.

L-Y, L-Y-T-E (MC Lyte) rocked the party with a shaved sides blonde natural. I like the hair but those lashes are too long and her brows are a bit Paper Thin. Love me some Lyte though!

Lola Monroe is another fan of the “too much foundation” club. I don’t get it—you can tell she has pretty decent skin, too. That hair is FIRE though—love it!

I’m loving Kimberly Nicole‘s natural! The shape and color suit her well. I love the green shadow, too but would opt for a more natural looking brow.

Kerry Washington is giving “I’m cute and I know it” with this pose. I know it, too Kerry girl! Hot!

Oh, Keke Palmer. Such a cute girl and positive role model for both the kiddies and adults, but this ombre look isn’t your best, girlfriend. I also would have blended that shadow out a lot more.

I don’t even know what to say about Joyful Drake‘s look here. Well maybe I do—it’s A LOT of “look”. I would have either switched out the smoky eye with something more neutral to pair with the red lips or kept the makeup as is and did a more simple hairdo, or switched the red with a nude lip. Beautiful skin though.

Don’t you all remember loving everything about Eve‘s style back in the early 2000’s? And now…ugh. This whole look is giving me Prince Akeem before he came to Queens in “Coming to America”.

Psst…somebody tap Elise Neal on the shoulder and tell her them edges are showing…

Ashanti always looks cute as a button—her makeup is niiiiice here. I just wish the height on her side pony was shortened just a tad.

It’s like the side pony was a mini trend at the BET Awards. I like this rendition of it on Alicia Keys. Makeup looks good though I would have loved to see a little liner on her eyes and less lashes–the way they’re set here seems to make her eyes look smaller and more close-set.

And that’s that, folks! Chime in on the looks in the comments :)

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