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The heat of the fashion climate has risen recently with respect to the issues of diversity and stereotypes . As negative and daunting as that battle may be, in moving forward, we are making it our business to effect a positive change in the industry. The How Do You Wear It? feature was created to showcase and celebrate your personal style.

This week’s Fall 2013 trend focus? Over the knee and thigh high boots. You all sent in your submissions and all I can say is, “Look at my people! They are beautiful!”
At any rate, let’s celebrate!

fisayo-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyFirst up we have Fisayo (@fisayolonge) of the blog Mirror Me. She wrote, “Here’s how I wear them. I like to keep the rest of the outfit cute as there’s always a fine line when it comes to the thigh-highs! ” I couldn’t agree more. Simply stunning.kiarene-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyBombshell Kia René (@_Kiarene), a lifestyle blogger at My Beach Is Better wrote, ” I recently fell in love with and purchased these from my local Nordstrom Rack. They are by Sam Edelman and have quickly become my go to boot as temperatures continue to drop. For a trip to the Texas State Fair, I paired them with a navy v-neck from Target, Army green vest from Nordstrom Rack, a black leather skater skirt for American Apparel, and a stack of Alex and Ani bracelets.”  Super cute!
arielle-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Arielle aka @Relly_rel paired her black and white reptile printed top with  her thigh high boots. Her red lipstick pops, and adds to her chic look. chiriga-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Chiriga @Swaggirlchee offered up three equally cute views of her outfit. I’m quite in love with her clutch. I want!chivon-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Chivon @ChivonMonique kept it cute down to the pose. A statement hat and stunning smile let you know that she is stylistically ready. Work!
iysha-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyIysha @Milesoffashion incorporated the black and white trend and kept it cute with a smile.
jessica-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Bombshell Jessica wrote, “I like to pair my over the knee boots with casual outfits for brunch with friends.” Loving the addition of the clutch for that extra pizzazz.kimberlyanne-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Kimberly’s added a One Love crop top and blazer to the mix.lafayette-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyLafayette aka @YourFashionFairy stuns and keeps it in the spirit of Halloween. She wrote, ” This is how I wear my OTK boots! Part time I do fashion consulting with allows me to showcase more of my personal style aside from my #workplacechic style. I love my Suede Platform Tassel OTK boots, which I paired with a yellow tunic and statement belt. Oh and accessorized with a pumpkin.”  Cute Halloween realness!

marisha-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Marisha spiced up her look with a designer bag, faux fur vest and a hat.rebecca-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily Rebecca aka @Bec2reality from New Jersey used a fur stole to up the style ante.
stylestamped-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyFashion Blogger @StyleStamp from the Style Stamped blog wrote, “I rocked over the knee boots last week with a fro-hawk, plaid dress and belt from Forever 21, and a grey blazer.” Pretty cute.tammy-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily

Tammy ( @Drakes_right_hand ) of Fendi Bag & A Bad Attitude glanced away but yet we still managed to see just how fierce her casual ensemble was.
tiffany-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-dailyTiffany (@Thetruthisback) looked sultry in her black and white dress.pamela-over-the-knee-boots-thigh-high-boots-fall-2013-trend-how-do-you-wear-it-fashion-bomb-daily.jpgLastly we have Pamela aka @Ibetonpam who incorporated the plaid trend into her look. Representing for Miami, the Miami Heat cap tops off her ensemble.

I hope you all enjoyed the various looks submitted. Which ones do you identify with? Next week we’ll take a look at how you rock Colorful Coats. Be sure to send your submissions to thebomblife@gmail.com to be included in our celebration of style and diversity.


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