Wardrobe Query: Solange Knowles’s NYFW African Print Babatunde Hat

In an e-mail titled, “Need to Find Solange’s Hat,” Jena writes, “Checking out some pics of NYFW I stumbled across Solange in this awesome hat.”

“.. I normally don’t reach out to find what celebrities wear but I’ve been looking for a hat like this for a few months now and need that or something similar.”
Lucky you, the kind folks from label Babatunde got in touch not too long ago, saying, “Solange at nyfw wearing South African label. Plug worthy!” Though they didn’t provide a link to purchase, they did direct me to their tumblr here.
Thankfully reader Alima wrote in with their online store address, BabatundeStyles.com. A little clicking around and voila: all the printed hats your heart could desire:

The hats go for 200 rand, which is about $24. Not bad, and they just might deliver internationally. If anything, visit their website here, and contact them here in case you have any questions.
Thoughts on Solange’s headgear?


Thx Alima!


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