Wardrobe Query: Rita Ora’s Summertime Ball Happy Ashley Print Bodycon Dress and Tatty Devine Eyelash Sunglasses

Keke writes, “I love Rita Ora and this dress!!”

” Would you happen to know the maker/designer and where I could get it? And possible options for Fashion Bombs on a budget? :) Thanks”
Yep! Rita paired her favorite Jordans with a printed bodycon dress by British designer Happy Ashley, and completed her look with £126 (appromimately $195) Tatty Devine Eyelash Sunglasses.
Her dress was part of Ashley Williams’s University of Westminster BA Fashion graduate collection:

Her metal frame aviator style sunglasses come equipped with a pair of curved eyelashes:

It doesn’t seem as if Happy Ashley has e-commerce quite yet (though you can follow her on Twitter here). Get something similar with these options:

Would you rock it?


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